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The beauties of the body revealed thanks to the Clarins skincare range


The beauties of the body revealed thanks to the Clarins skincare range
The beauties of the body revealed thanks to the Clarins skincare range

Clarins is the number one brand for high-end face care in Europe and high-end body care in the world. She has been spreading French beauty throughout the world since March 1954. Her know-how is well established and the entire life of this large family seems to have been devoted to beauty. Clarins is recognized for its permanent innovations and its constant research in terms of cosmetology. What’s more, if a good number of its products are among the bestsellers on the market, you should know that they are constantly being improved. Clarins body treatments are a sure bet for beauty. So, focus on this assortment of products of exceptional quality.

Clarins creams

The Clarins Body Care Range consists of many creams. The Youthful Hand Cream consists of orange leaves and preserves the beauty of the hands to the tips of the nails day after day. Fine and creamy, it has sweet scents and is very easy to apply. The latter does not leave a greasy film on the skin and embellishes the beauty of the epidermis day after day. The Masvelt Multi Reducing Cream, for its part, helps to slim the silhouette. It overcomes rebellious curves thanks to the use of poppy, a plant known for its favorable properties in the destocking of fats. Likewise, it can be used in addition to Anti-Capitons Lift Minceur treatment, cellulite-limiting and with a texture rich in plant extracts.

Clarins oils

The Clarins Body Care range is also equipped with oils. Firming Tonic Oil is particularly recommended to prevent maternity marks and the loss of firmness associated with pregnancy. It helps to hydrate, soften and saturate the skin while releasing a subtle scent of rosemary, geranium and mint. Say goodbye to stretch marks with her! Likewise, it can also be supplemented by the use of the special complete treatment for stretch marks from Clarins, an ideal cream for periods of maternity and puberty favorable to weight variations. Anti-Fire Oil, on the other hand, is a pain reliever that reduces the effect of swollen legs. It helps to firm up the tissues and avoid the dimpled appearance. Its composition is notably formulated from extracts of broom, geranium and marjoram. Likewise, for even more hydration, know that these two oils are matched with hazelnut. In addition, you will also find in the Clarins range of relaxing oils essentially dedicated to pleasure.

The beauty ritual in three stages of Clarins

Finally, for ever more results, Clarins recommends a beauty ritual in three stages: wash, exfoliate and moisturize! To help you in this process, Clarins offers you its moisturizing balm and cream. The latter leave behind a skin as silky and soft as a caress. They help to strengthen the comfort of dry and damaged skin by rehydrating them. The epidermis then appears more unified. The Clarins scrub, on the other hand, eliminates all the elements that tarnish the skin, making it more radiant than ever.

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