The Azzaro Chrome bottle revisited for Chrome Pure


The Azzaro Chrome bottle revisited for Chrome Pure
The Azzaro Chrome bottle revisited for Chrome Pure

Azzaro’s Chrome Pure is all about sobriety

Inspired by the bond between a man and his son, the Azzaro house created, in 1996, a fragrance synonymous with azure, wide open spaces and freshness. This one was called Chrome. It immediately became one of Azzaro’s greatest hits. Paying tribute to family ties and transmission, it conveyed strong values ​​through an aromatic scent. Still keeping this philosophy and its initial aromatic scent, Azzaro has decided to decline this fragrance in a new Chrome Pure. So let’s see how this metamorphosis translates into design.

Azzaro chooses the color white

Since their launch, Chrome fragrances have been characterized by a blue color. It must be said that this is the emblematic shade of masculinity. What’s more, as Chrome has always had the ambition to lead us into a very Mediterranean climate, the blue is reminiscent of the sea and the azure sky of this region. Today, for the very first time, Azzaro dares to transform this color. The brand has opted for white. It must be said that this color is symbolic of purity and that it therefore corresponds perfectly to the new name of this juice: Chrome Pure. White is reminiscent of absolute cleanliness. He is both candid and luminous. What is more, its scope is universal. White is used for weddings. In Africa, it is also used in ceremonies and in initiation rituals. Buddhists, on the other hand, consider the white elephant to be a sacred animal. The white symbolizes the wisdom, patience and memory of the Buddha. The more superstitious also believe that breaking white glass brings good luck. As you will have understood, Chrome Pure now has a very positive connotation that is timeless and beyond borders.

The resolutely modern design of Chrome Pure

In addition to the change of color operated by the house Azzaro, the general visual of this perfume has not really changed over the years. Indeed, although the silhouette of Chrome is now over 20 years old, it has not aged a bit over the years. Still perfectly anchored in our time, it exudes the same virile but reassuring air as its predecessors. Chrome Pure rests on a solid foundation. Its shape makes it easier to grip. Chrome Pure instinctively exudes a feeling of virility. Indeed, its square and imposing shape says a lot about its masculinity. Nevertheless, her tenderness is felt through her curves. Indeed, in profile, Chrome Pure adopts a somewhat oval shape. Its white lacquer is simply broken by the word “Pure” inscribed in black but soberly on its front face. The words “Azzaro Chrome” are engraved directly into its glass. For more modernity, the whole is topped with a very geometric cabochon in chromed metal. Chrome Pure thus offers us a particularly architectural and very contemporary design.

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