The audacity Viktor & Rolf in the bottle of Flowerbomb Bloom


The audacity Viktor & Rolf in the bottle of Flowerbomb Bloom
The audacity Viktor & Rolf in the bottle of Flowerbomb Bloom

Since its launch in 2005, Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance has never ceased to fascinate us with its explosive and floral scent. Also, it seems that the Viktor & Rolf brand wants to transform its fragrance and give it a more airy and subtle power than before. Thus, the brand has just presented its brand new Flowerbomb Bloom . If the signature of this juice is still present, it gives us a new facet of femininity. So, let’s take a closer look at how this translates into design.

Flowerbomb Bloom and its bottle synonymous with ambition and determination

Flowerbomb Bloom is a more complex fragrance than its predecessor. If the first Flowerbomb was above all a floral digest. This new juice gives us more facets of femininity. Through him, the Viktor & Rolf house did not just want to create a revisit. She wanted to send a message. The idea was to give women a sort of antidote to gloom. Flowerbomb Bloom is a perfume synonymous with dreams. It encourages people to see life in a more positive light and gives the imagination its letters of nobility. A real bouquet of sensations, this one brilliantly associates rigor and fantasy, measure and excess, truth and mirage. It is therefore precisely all these elements that we find in the visual of Flowerbomb Bloom.

The paradoxical visual of the Viktor & Rolf bottle

Flowerbomb Bloom is a perfume full of daring and this is noticeable from the vision of its bottle. This one adopts the same atypical form as the very first version of Flowerbomb. Worked with precision, this setting is built on a paradox. It is at the same time extremely feminine while connoting the image of a weapon. Indeed, Flowerbomb Bloom takes the silhouette of a pomegranate. Nevertheless, as the Viktor & Rolf house explains, this one is to “unpin in the name of the dream”. Likewise, its glass is cut like a diamond. However, this stone is considered as the purest in the world but also as the most indestructible. So, once again, Flowerbomb Bloom plays on this paradox. This bottle hides the image of a complex and fascinating woman. This prism of light plays with the sun’s rays to reveal the splendor of a rosé juice. The whole is surmounted by a rose gold stopper, also inspired by a jewel. Finally, the last detail that is important, Flowerbomb Bloom does have a pin at its collar bearing the initials of the house Viktor & Rolf. Everything is delivered to us in a very couture pink cardboard bottle on which is affixed the wax seal of the Viktor & Rolf brand as if to seal the secret contained in this new perfume.

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