Terracotta – Joli Tein Natural Glow Powder Duo by Guerlain…


Guerlain Joli Teint Powder Terracota 00 Clear Blonde
Guerlain Joli Teint Powder Terracota

Guerlain launches a new foundation powder in the Terracotta range for a natural finish and an unrivaled healthy glow

Terracotta Joli Teint Duo Good Glow Powder

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A single powder but ideally composed of two complementary shades, it is the least of things to reveal the unique radiance of each woman.
Its warm shade? A lightened sun powder, lighter than the legendary Terracotta bronzing powder. Its pigments are soft and work in osmosis with the skin to make it shine without ever overloading it. Its colorful shade? It is invigorating, pink for Blondes or apricot for Brunettes, and mixes with sun powder to give a boost …

Fragrance – Terracotta Joli Teint Powder

Joli Teint Terracotta Powder by Guerlain
Joli Teint Terracotta Powder by Guerlain

The Terracotta Joli Teint powder gives a healthy glow, just smelling its brand niche fragrance that smells of escape. Notes of freesia and orange blossom create the sensation of a cocoon. They are accompanied by notes with solar facets, tonka bean and vanilla, which embody the essence of Terracotta.
The senses are on the alert, already elsewhere.

Efficiency – Terracotta Joli Teint Powder

Often copied, never equaled, Terracotta’s unique and secret formula is reinterpreted in soft and colorful colors. From the legendary Terracotta bronzer, it keeps the essentials: moisturizing and soothing active ingredients for 5-star comfort and impeccable hold, which allows you to worry about nothing except being the most radiant. The skin is velvety and supple, the complexion is satin, the natural radiance.

The Terracotta Joli Teint powder is available in 4 soft and tender harmonies to delight all skin tones.

00 Light Blondes
01 Light Brunettes
02 Natural Blondes
03 Natural Brunettes

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