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Stronger With You Absolutely, a concentrate of love signed by Emporio Armani


Stronger With You Absolutely, a concentrate of love signed by Emporio Armani
Stronger With You Absolutely, a concentrate of love signed by Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a brand synonymous with youth and freedom. In a very urban spirit, she never ceases to lead us in a glamorous and refined style, without ever lacking in dynamism. This is how his masculine perfume Stronger With You was first conceived in 2017. Two years after its release, it also offered itself a variation called Intensely, a more intense interpretation of its initial juice, containing the essence of pink pepper, vanilla and amberwood. Once again, history repeats itself and Emporio Armani presents us, in 2021, a new essence for men called Stronger With You Absolutely.

Stronger With You Absolutely, a pledge of passionate love

Remember, in 2017, Stronger With You featured alongside another fragrance called Because It’s You. Together, these two juices formed an inseparable couple, starting a dialogue from which was immediately born the story of an unconditional and joyful love. Like two characters, these perfumes challenged their love on a daily basis, tasting the joys of powerful feelings, making each being stronger. Once again, with Stronger With You Absolutely, anything seems possible. Love turns every situation into a more positive experience. Stronger With You Absolutely by Emporio Armani reflects the image of a passionate and fiery passion. True to the brand’s philosophy, this is a very contemporary and generous juice, revealing the portrait of a powerful and free man. Undeniably,

Stronger With You Absolutely round and manly bottle

Stronger With You Absolutely comes in a bottle identical to its predecessors, whose shape remains completely unchanged. Sober and elegant, it imposes its masculinity and robustness with its stable base and broad shoulders. To soften the whole, a round ball comes to cap this bottle. Covered in shiny black, this sphere is based on an assembly of several rings, a symbol of union and unwavering love. For this Stronger With You Absolutely edition, the Emporio Armani bottle has a new color. Its base is now smoked, as if to materialize the new intensity of its juice. The result is a magnified bottle with a shade similar to an amber cognac liqueur.

The aromatic and gourmet breath of Stronger With You Absolutely by Emporio Armani

We look forward to discovering the composition of this perfume. His signature icy brown, iconic to the entire collection, is still present. However, this time it is intensified with a new rum pairing for a more addictive finish. Daring at will, this scent is refreshed with a more sparkling Calabrian bergamot, coupled with a woody aroma of elemi resin. Her heart, in turn, becomes more floral. Lavender cultivated in the south of France comes into play and captivates us with its aromatic charm, while pairing with a fine and sweet davana. For more depth, the base of Stronger With You Absolutely incorporates patchouli, while a wonderful cocktail of Madagascan vanilla and smoked cedar sublimates its ultimate breath.

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