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Spicebomb Infrared, the new olfactory bomb from Viktor & Rolf


Spicebomb Infrared, the new olfactory bomb from Viktor & Rolf
Spicebomb Infrared, the new olfactory bomb from Viktor & Rolf

In 2005, the house Viktor & Rolf decided to get into perfumery. For this, she made a first colorful perfume, developed like a floral explosion: you will have recognized it, it was Flowerbomb. Then, in 2012, this initial juice was followed by a male counterpart: Spicebomb, a new spice bomb. Today, in 2021, Viktor & Rolf offers us yet another new grenade to unpin. This time, the brand intends to turn the heat up a notch. Inspired by infrared technology, its masculine scent is called Spicebomb Infrared.

The new grenade from Viktor & Rolf

“After creating the most explosive feminine fragrance ever, Flowerbomb, we men felt a hint of jealousy,” explains the creator of Viktor & Rolf. Why weren’t we entitled to our own bomb? This is how Spicebomb was imagined, and more exactly its bottle. Just like its predecessor, Viktor & Rolf’s new Spicebomb Infrared comes in a bottle that is as luxurious as it is explosive. This takes the form of a revisited pomegranate. This chic and sophisticated army is today diverted in a new color code. Red takes hold of its visual. Its glass, meanwhile, is always worked like a diamond, with many chiseled and regular facets. A black band encircles the whole, seeming to contain all the power of this new olfactory bomb.

Infrared technology as a source of inspiration

As this visual suggests, the Spicebomb Infrared fragrance for men is inspired by infrared technology. The latter has the ability to highlight what the human eye does not see. When an object emits heat, it displays infrared radiation. The higher the temperature, the more the red color intensifies. Here, if we believe the bottle of Spicebomb Infrared, the heat reaches new heights! Spicebomb Infrared immediately ignites a game of magnetic seduction. It seems to burn with an inner flame and heightens the scorching look of the man wearing it. Do not try to struggle: it is impossible to resist its charm or even ignore it. Spicebomb Infrared is a wildly sensual and almost aphrodisiac fragrance. He takes us with him in a frenzy of passionate feelings.

The peppery and fruity scent of Spicebomb Infrared

Spicebomb Infrared is a scent that does not go unnoticed. For this, he relies on many spices. It combines the honeyed and leathery breath of saffron with the natural warmth of cinnamon. Habanero pepper, for its part, dares a more spicy side. The whole is nevertheless softened by a more tangy addition of red fruits. Widely used by perfumers, these ingredients offer Spicebomb Infrared an irresistible indulgence. At the base, benzoin leaves a vanilla and slightly floral sweetness on it. Its milky breath is nuanced by an addition of tobacco with a more aromatic sweetness.

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