SOS Clarins Masks


SOS Clarins Masks

Clarins SOS Masks, a trio of solutions for your skin

Clarins is a brand with extraordinary expertise in beauty. Its first institute was opened in 1954. Since this creation, Clarins has continued to develop its research to make its products ever more effective. In this context, the brand has just launched an unprecedented assortment of three SOS treatments. These are made up of natural active ingredients and manage to rebalance the skin in just 10 minutes. Thus, they will respond instantly to your problem and will bring you in a snap of seconds the comfort your skin needs.

Clarins SOS Hydra

The first treatment in the range is called Clarins SOS Hydra. This is presented in a blue bottle. It is intended for dry skin and helps restore the level of hydration by acting on the ability to retain moisture. For this, it contains hyaluronic acid and organic extract of leaves of life. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most powerful moisturizers on the market. It maintains the structure of the layers of the skin, nourishes it and preserves it from dryness. In addition, it helps it fight against UV rays and even promotes healing. Thanks to this treatment, your skin will be permanently more plump and smoother.

Clarins SOS Comfort

Clarins SOS Comfort, on the other hand, is a nourishing mask designed for dry skin. It is delivered to us in a yellow solar tube. This one is not intended for the epidermis suffering from a transient drought. Rather, it is aimed at continually dehydrated skin. Clarins SOS Comfort is ideally designed to nourish your face and immediately leave it softer and more comfortable. This mask contains mango oil and natural fatty acids. In addition, its ultra rich and nourishing composition is associated with an absolutely fascinating exotic fragrance.

Clarins SOS Pure

Finally, the last treatment composing this trio is none other than Clarins SOS Pure. Made up of clay, as its green bottle suggests, it helps cleanse the skin and reduce excess sebum. It is intended for the skin tending to regain fat. Likewise, it limits the visibility of the pores of the skin and reduces the shiny appearance of the face, in particular on the T zone. This helps to refine the texture of the skin while diffusing a fresh and pure fragrance. Its creamy and absorbent texture leaves no sticky sensation on the epidermis.

Thus, these three treatments make it possible to fight against all the most common problems encountered on the face. These masks are to be applied once or twice a week. What’s more, for even more effectiveness, Clarins recommends exfoliating your skin beforehand. In this way, their active ingredients will penetrate even better into the heart of your cells.

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