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Sisley’s Phyto-Blush Twist


Sisley's Phyto-Blush Twist
Sisley‘s Phyto-Blush Twist

Enhance your cheekbones with Phyto Blush Twist Color

Sisley is a brand that keeps reinventing beauty. If the brand is devoted both to the world of perfumery but also to that of skincare and make-up, this time it is in the make-up department that Sisley has decided to surprise. Loving active women above all, Sisley decided to give them a nomadic blush to take with them everywhere. Focus on the novelty of 2017: the Phyto Blush Twist Color powder.

The blush, quite a story!

Blush is considered todayas a beauty staple. It is a powder to be applied on the cheekbones and cheeks in order to sculpt the face and give a healthy glow. There are a multitude of colors: pink, beige, orange,… This one is applied just after the foundation and allows it to wake up and give a touch of light to the face. Likewise, when winter comes, it gives a slightly tanned effect. On the other hand, blush is a basic which is not always easy to apply and dose. Who has never seen pretty flashy, unbleached circles while walking down the street? Also, to avoid this lack of taste, Sisley has thought of everything! The brand has developed the Phyto Blush Twist Color in order to make your life easier.

The new Phyto Blush Twist Color

The Phyto Blush Twist Color comes in the shape of a stick almost similar to a big lipstick. The latter contains a blush cream that transforms into a luminous powder on contact with the skin. Its format allows it to be carried everywhere and fits easily in a handbag without any risk of leakage. Likewise, its rounded tip makes it easy to apply and you won’t even need a mirror to do some touch-ups. What’s more, its sensory cream formula is ideally designed to hold throughout the day.

This provides a velvety smoothing finish that is absolutely radiant and very comfortable. In order to adapt perfectly to your natural skin tone, the Phyto Blush Twist Color is available in four colors. The first of them, Rose Petal, is quite discreet and delicately rosé. Fuchsia, on the other hand, dares a brighter color for a more pop touch. Papaya is a kind of coral giving birth to a golden and sunny complexion on your cheeks. Finally, the Glow will allow you to play with shadows and light, creating a kind of strobing to sculpt your face while giving it a very natural effect. Also note that this product is enriched with shea oil, camellia oil and vitamin E for even more softness and comfort. So,

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