Sisley’s expertise in Phyto Ombre Éclat eye shadow


Sisley's expertise in Phyto Ombre Eclat eye shadow
Sisley‘s expertise in Phyto Ombre Eclat eye shadow

Sisley is a French luxury cosmetics company which has ensured its high-end positioning by launching a first line of specialized skincare products in phyto-cosmetology. In other words, Sisley’s products are based on the cosmetic use of essential oils and active ingredients extracted from plants.

Also, if this is available in many skincare products, this expertise is also present in the make-up department of the house of Sisley . It is even found in the brand’s eye shadows, the latter being true concentrates of beauty and benefits.

The active ingredients in Sisley eye shadow

Phyto Ombre Eclat is an eye shadow available in many shades with very variable finishes, sometimes mat, sometimes iridescent or even metallic or glitter. The formula of this product is also enriched with many extracts of natural origin. In addition, the Phyto Ombre Eclat mainly contains green tea, white lily and camellia. These ingredients help protect and soften the epidermis.

Thus, the eyelid appears smoother with each use. What is more, it further helps to sublimate the many colored pigments contained in these eye shadows. Finally, of course, each of them is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested so as to be suitable for sensitive eyes as well as for contact lens wearers.

How to apply the Phyto Ombre Eclat?

Finally, on the application side, the Phyto Ombre Eclat is spread over the mobile eyelid using a foam applicator or a blending brush. However, for an eyeliner effect, it is possible to apply it with a lightly moistened liner brush. It is then up to you to give free rein to your imagination, sublimating your eyes with a rather nude tone or, on the contrary, a real star smokey-eye.

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