Sisley – Eastern Evening


Sisley Soir d'Orient Eau de Parfum
Sisley Soir d’Orient Eau de Parfum

Sisley launches a new edition of its eternal feminine fragrance L’Eau du Soir

Sisley Eastern Evening

Want to get away from it all and rediscover the intense heat of summer? Good thing, in this fall 2015, Sisley is launching his latest creation. Soir d’Orient plunges us into the heart of Andalusia and its spicy notes are an invitation to travel, a real stroll in the heart of the Middle East. Out of the imagination of Olivier Pescheux’s nose, it will intoxicate you with the multitude of ingredients it contains. Far from creating a rough mix, this one is all about finesse and subtlety.

The bottle of Soir d’Orient, like an air of déjà vu

The Soir d’Orient bottle is reminiscent of that of its predecessor Eau du Soir, which is emblematic of the Sisley house. Lacquered in a deep black, it is adorned with a golden Acanthus leaf. This motif is widely used in Mudejar architecture, so characteristic of Andalusia and its various influences. Its cabochon, designed by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof, represents a woman whose gaze and smile convey a feeling of fullness. Her long hair gives off an absolute femininity so typical of oriental women.

Lacquered in deep black and coated with gold, Soir d’Orient reminds us of a palace of a Thousand and One Nights. It transports us to a place steeped in history where the ornaments are worked with refinement and the mosaics are present on all sides. Welcome to the heart of a sultan’s palace. Now, all we have to do is open the doors of the castle, or the cabochon of the bottle, to discover the treasures it contains.

Sisley’s fragrance, like a trip to the heart of Andalusia

Sisley Soir d'Orient bottle
Sisley Soir d’Orient bottle

Born from the desire of Isabelle Ornano, creator of Sisley, Soir d’Orient is an invitation to enter the heart of Andalusia, part of the globe so dear to the latter because she spent part of her childhood there. And, as she puts it so well “the inspiration for a new perfume emanates from a desire, a thought, a place that she would have crossed, loved”.

Soir d’Orient thus intoxicates us with its floral and spicy heart, cleverly enhanced by a more woody base scent. Welcome to Cordoba where the scent of flowers mingles with spices. Soir d’Orient opens with the roundness of saffron enriched by a pink floral note. The whole is underlined by the lemon of Italy which gives it a bright side and by the green freshness of the Galbanum of Iran. Sisley then added Turkish rose to it as if to make it bigger. This ingredient is also sublimated by Egyptian geranium which even goes so far as to bring it a slightly minty freshness. In its wake, the woody and milky richness of a Sandalwood accord diffuses warm scents accompanied by its Indonesian patchouli and Somali incense.

Sisley’s latest product combines ingredients. He mixes architectural styles in the design of his bottle which mixes modernity, glamor and the flashy side of gold in abundance. It is like a sample of Andalusian diversity, like a showcase of this most cosmopolitan land.

Travel to Andalusia – Sisley Soir D’Orient

Sisley's Orient Evening
Sisley’s Orient Evening

Invites you to the heart of Andalusia. This version of L’Eau du Soir transports you to the heart of a palace in Seville. A meeting place for cultures and knowledge of art and architecture. In fact, in this area, the region stands out very clearly from the rest of Spain because of the large number and quality of monuments from the time of Al-Andalus. Period when Andalusia was under Muslim domination in the Middle Ages. It can also be noted that Andalusia takes its name from this period. Seville has a heritage of immense wealth and prestigious renown.

Fragrance – Sisley Soir d’Orient

Sisley Soir d’Orient opens with sparkling and bewitching notes with an accord of flowers and a spicy, woody heart. The Sillage is mysterious …
A unique fragrance that combines the shine of Italian Lemon and the green freshness of Iranian Galbanum and the roundness of Saffron. Black Pepper from Madagascar captivates and lifts the other notes of the perfume, adding an almost insulating dimension to it. mysterious and captivating scent of Turkish Rose associated with Egyptian Geranium. The woody accord formed by the richness of Sandalwood and the mysterious scents of leather formed by Somali incense come to combine elegantly with the warm notes of Indonesian Patchouli.

Olfactory Family: Chypré, floral, oriental

Top Notes: Italian Lemon, Iranian Galbanum, Saffron

Heart Notes: Black Pepper from Madagascar, Turkish Rose, Geranium from Egypt

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Somali Incense, Indonesian Patchouli

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