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“Si”, the Dolce Vita seen by Armani


"Si", the Dolce Vita seen by Armani
“Si”, the Dolce Vita seen by Armani

“Si” is an essence perfectly symbolizing Italian elegance. In other words, he combines extreme femininity with a strong character. He is known for his power and tenacity. In addition, it embodies all the refinement of the Armani house by using particularly noble materials. Everything about him is only refinement, like his muse, the very famous Cate Blanchett. The latter is the embodiment of a contemporary feminine ideal with an intoxicating scent.

“Si”, a noble perfume in the image of its creator

“Si” was imagined by perfumer Christine Nagel. Also, by creating this essence, it has put all its soul and its history into it. Indeed, she comes from a multicultural family whose mother was Italian and the father was Swiss. She was therefore inspired by the smells of her childhood to create this refined essence. “Si” releases the scent of “the wet earth and asphalt of Switzerland and the smell of Boro Talco, the famous Italian talc with very amber and warm vanilla scents. In other words, “Si” is part of the chypre and floral fragrance family. Its top notes are based on the blackcurrant bud, very expensive and mainly used in luxury perfumery. Its smell is very fresh and reminds of conifers. Then, the olfactory journey continues on the freesia whose floral essence is very luminous. His heart, meanwhile, is very assertive. We immediately recognize the patchouli with a woody aspect as well as the rose, so dear to feminine perfumery. “Si” becomes a particularly sensual fragrance. Finally, its background is more greedy. Vanilla mixes with blond wood as well as orcanox and ambergris.

Armani calls on Cate Blanchett

The new face of Armaniis none other than the very famous Cate Blanchett. This perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand. She is both a free and modern woman while maintaining extreme refinement. Indeed, she is known to be one of the most stylish Hollywood actresses. Moreover, the actress said she was very flattered to promote this perfume, especially since it is a brand that is close to her heart and for which she has worn many creations. She even declared: “I recognize myself in the timelessness of the Armani universe, both modern and natural, but also classic and eminently chic. I have the feeling that I have always aspired to the grace and simplicity embodied by Mr Armani and his creations ”. It is therefore found in a film directed by Anne Fontaine. The portraits of the actress follow one another and she thus has the opportunity to show all her wide range of actress. Everything takes place on the music “Any Other World” by artist Mika. The result is particularly glamorous.

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