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Rose Ocean Cologne Les Parfums de Rosine


Rose Ocean Cologne Les Parfums de Rosine
Rose Ocean Cologne Les Parfums de Rosine

Cologne Rose Océan by Parfums de Rosine, when romance mingles with freshness

While perfumery is very largely dominated by so-called “very commercial” brands, some niche brands survive in the midst of these luxury giants. These only owe their existence to the unparalleled quality of their products and their unique know-how. Among the most renowned niche brands on the market, Les Parfums de Rosine places the rose at the center of everything. This brand celebrates the history of colognes while reinterpreting them in a more modern and feminine way than ever. This time, Les Parfums de Rosine presents us with a fresh and luminous rose called Cologne Rose Océan.

The history of Rosine Perfumes

Les Parfums de Rosine is a brand that was founded by Marie-Hélène and Louis Rogeon. Marie-Hélène came from a family of perfumers and her grandfather, Louis Panafieu, was himself a creator of colognes on behalf of the Emperor Napoleon III. Thus, Marie-Hélène was initiated very early in the world of smells and it did not take long to realize the place of perfume in her life. What’s more, alongside this passion for fragrances, the designer has a special love for roses.

She says she is particularly fascinated by its diversity, a plant that can be, according to her, just as shy as it is proud, tender as it is voluptuous. Marie-Hélène Rogeon thus created her own perfume house in order to create perfumes that resemble her, far from the marketing diktats of our time. His compositions are always very inspired by the roses in his garden, rich in different shapes and colors, and thus offering an almost unlimited diversity of scents. This time, in the Rose Océan Cologne, it is above all a question of freshness and liveliness.

The new freshness of an ocean-colored rose

The Rose Océan Cologne is a feminine, floral and particularly energizing fragrance . Its scent begins with a citrus blend of bergamot and lemon. This citrus scent is also illuminated by the presence of neroli, a fragrant essential oil extracted from orange blossom. Then, the rose makes its appearance in its heart and is associated with another very Mediterranean ingredient: lavender.

Plant very commonly used in perfumery, it reveals an aromatic scent here. Cologne Rose Océan is a very elegant juice that ends up building a more woody and deep trail emanating from a duo of moss and cedar. The whole is contained in a bottle of an exemplary limpidity. All round, this one is the perfect echo of feminine softness. Its shortbread base immediately gives off a feeling of freshness.

Its little blue bow with white polka dots, for its part, instinctively draws us into a maritime universe.

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