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Rochas perfume Eau de Rochas


Rochas Water
Rochas Water

Eau de Rochas, a waterfall of freshness

Eau de Rochas, created in 1970, was one of the first fresh waters for women. Very emblematic of its time of liberation from morals, this “rock water” symbolizes this need for women’s emancipation. They then abandon overly heady perfumes and adopt a new genre, similar to the colognes adopted by men. In fact, L’Eau de Rochas sounds a bit like a symbol of the beginning of gender equality. Its name reflects its fragrance: simple and refreshing. Also, L’Eau de Rochas has become over time a real monument of French elegance.

A brand new version was released this year: L’Eau de Rochas Escapade en Méditerranée. Discover it .

The birth of the legendary Rochas perfume

In 1948, Marcel Rochas, visionary creator, asked Edmond Roudtniska to modernize the classic Eau de Cologne: It was the birth of Eau de Roche. Then, in 1970, under the leadership of Hélène Rochas, she reinvented herself. It was at this time that Eau de Rochas was born in the expert hands of Nicolas Mamounas. At that time, the brand had a series of successes. However, Eau de Rochas stands out. Its bottle is like hewn in the rock and eroded under a cascade of water. Advertising, for its part, states that it has “A Fresh Water that spurts freely from its bottle, like a living spring!” »Its freshness surprises and sells. In addition, its balance between its aromatic notes, its hint of lemon and its flowers is perfect. It is also thanks to him that the olfactory family of Eaux Fraiches was born. Besides, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the fragrance in 2010, Rocahs has released a new version of it. For the occasion, perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez has decided to revisit the citrus, slightly chypre trail of this great classic of perfumery. This one is a tribute to the Mediterranean and takes on a very blue hue. The mention “fresh” is then affixed and its shine is all the more dazzling.

Eau de Rochas, a very fresh water


Rochas - Eau de Rochas Woman Eau de Toilette

To bring a refreshing feeling of well-being, the perfumer has chosen very citrusy top notes. We then find lemon, grapefruit and especially a tangerine. This is where the spirit of this fragrance lies. Its heart is then very floral. A smell of freshly picked flowers floats there and you immediately smell the essence of jasmine, narcissus and rose. The wake is dazzling and the eau de toilette finds all its lightness in it. Hedione is also present. This synthetic molecule propels the perfume like a crystalline waterfall that electrifies the senses. It is a material typical of Eau Sauvage and brings an airy sensation to perfumes. Its base, on the other hand, is more opulent and more chypre. It blends oak moss, myrrh and vetiver. Eau de Rochas is very deep and conveys endless freshness. The fragrance is light. It is a synonym of summer and carefree. Very toned, it will not fail to please natural women full of spontaneity.


Rochas - Eau de Rochas Woman Eau de Toilette - La Pub

“Pour moi, l’Eau de Rochas représente la fraicheur la plus vibrante et minérale. Son secret réside dans l’équilibre entre des notes hespéridées très fraîches et peu acidulées, un cœur floral très riche et naturel et un fond vibrant, légèrement boisé et ambré.”



Jean Michel Duriez

Le flacon tout en transparence cristalline, est semblable à ces roches sur lesquelles se sont inscrits en relief les ondoiements d’une eau de source vive et rafraîchissante.

Parfums Femme

Famille Olfactive : Hespéridé – Aromatique

Notes de Tête : Essence de Bergamote, Essence de Mandarine, Essence de Citron.

Notes de Cœur : Absolue de Narcisse, Accord de Jasmin, Accord de Muguet.

Notes de fond : Extrait d’Iris, Essence de Patchouli, Extrait de Résine d’Encens.

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