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Rochas Man reinvents the universe of men’s perfumery


Rochas Man reinvents the universe of men's perfumery
Rochas Man reinvents the universe of men’s perfumery

Rochas Man is a perfume that symbolizes the strength and insolence of the original. He reinvents male perfumery. Everything about him inspires novelty, including the particularly original shape of his bottle. It is a concentrate of contrasts and the unexpected. However, it remains very sensual and is imagined for a man free from all constraints. This man asserts himself by his differences. His inner duality is felt and it is even from there that his strength and charm comes to him. His style is resolutely asserted and could not be more atypical. Rochas Man is one of the House’s great successes with Eau de Rochas pour Femme .

The time for novelty has come at Rochas

Rochas Man was born in 1999. As the end of a century was approaching, a fragrance was needed which would mark the spirits and which ended a stage in the life of the Rochas house as it should . The pressure was therefore heavy on the shoulders of this new bottle and it was out of the question that this fragrance would be disappointing and not mark the spirits. Also, what better way than to end a millennium than by reinventing the masculinity of perfumery? This is why, when we describe Rochas Man, the word that instantly comes to mind is “avant-garde”. At the time it was created, its oriental-gourmet scents had never been seen before and Rochas Man knew how to distill the DNA of the house in a whole new way.

Its ambition was to create a new trend and, when it was released, it was a safe bet that only the trend-setters of the time would dare to wear it. With him, Rochas makes fun of the constraints imposed by the world of perfumery in terms of virility. He does not want to be like everyone else and too bad if some do not find their right dose of testosterones. Man Rochas is released above all and this is undoubtedly the key to the success he has been able to meet.

Rochas uses lavender

This creation by Maurice Roussel has lavender as a basic element. However, he reinvented it to take it towards a smell of coffee. These two resolutely masculine notes were then reinterpreted to provide new sensations. Lavender is then enveloped in jasmine. The vapors which emanate from it are of a stunning sensuality. The coffee brings an ardent and energizing note. However, this one wants to be creamy and is borrowing a lot of gluttony. This scent is very seductive and somewhat ambivalent. Anyway, Rochas Man brilliantly fulfills his bet since he really does not leave indifferent.

Finally, as Rochas left nothing to chance, the design of the bottle was entrusted to Franzrudolf Lehnert and Michael Förste. This setting is also very avant-garde. It is particularly design while remaining very refined. Both minimalist and futuristic, it knows how to keep it simple and thus crosses the ages with great elegance.

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