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Rochas Man, a gourmet fragrance


Rochas Man, a gourmet fragrance
Rochas Man, a gourmet fragrance

Rochas Man is quite a confusing scent. Indeed, it is particularly sweet, which does not fail to surprise for a male juice. In fact, Rochas Man is sometimes considered a somewhat androgynous scent. However, do not believe that her sensuality suffers, on the contrary: women love sweets !

The creative scent of Rochas Man

Rochas Man was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel. It is a full-bodied, sensual and delicious fragrance. It takes off with extreme freshness. This one is full of lavender, green leaves and bergamot. Then, Rochas Man flourishes thanks to amber. This raw material is then worked in a fairly dry and deep way. It is then embellished with the enveloping warmth of a coffee-mocha accord. Likewise, vanilla brings its very warm aspect. Its base, meanwhile, is woody and intense. Cedar rubs with patchouli while sandalwood brings a more comforting side.

Rochas Man’s futuristic bottle

If the Rochas Man perfume does not fail to surprise , the same goes for its bottle. Indeed, it seems quite simply to be out of time. It is very current and its look is particularly avant-garde. In this case, it combines frosted glass with brushed steel. The whole forms a sort of column inserting into a stopper serving as a base. The idea is totally unusual and unique in perfumery. In short, Rochas would almost seem to walk on his head ! Nevertheless, his shapely and tapered body remains particularly manly. This case was created in 1999 and it must be admitted that it has not aged a bit.

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