Rochas – Byzantium perfume


Rochas - Byzantium perfume
Rochas – Byzantium perfume

We learned the news in March 2015: the Interparfums group signed a buyout agreement for the Rochas perfume brand , for the modest sum of $ 108 million. Also, we could easily have imagined that this event would herald the release of new essences. Well, think again. It seems rather that the wish of the group is to restore the honor of the old fragrances of the house. Also, it may well be that iconic juices such as Byzance de Rochas will soon see the light of day. Thus, the heritage of this great house could well be enhanced and soon reaffirm its letters of nobility.

Byzantium plunges us into the heart of Italy

Byzantium is a mysterious perfume intended for a woman of character. However, it was imagined in a very special place. To be more precise, the latter draws its source from a holy place. Indeed, Byzantium is inspired by the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna. The perfumer Nicolas Mamounas was traveling there when he was dazzled by the beauty of the mosaics of this church. It must be said that this Italian city owes its worldwide fame to them. Indeed, these mosaics tinted with blue and pink, coming from Turkey and Bulgaria, are classified as World Heritage by Unesco. It is the main tourist attraction of the city. And for good reason, when the Rochas house perfumer discovered them, he was truly captivated. He then decided to create a perfume from it. Too, he wanted it to evoke a land halfway between East and West. He therefore decided to name it Byzantium. Indeed, the musicality of this name alone is enough to make our imagination travel. It immediately plunges us into a world of opulence and pleasure. Everything about him evokes a desire for elsewhere and makes the senses travel. Byzantium therefore finds its inspiration in the splendor of Byzantine art and the grandeur of its origins is reflected in its first scent.

Rochas signs a chypre juice in the heart of a hypnotic bottle

If only through its bottle, Byzance is already a success. Indeed, this one is far from having a conventional look and is simply captivating. He superimposes two circles, one for the actual case and the other for the stopper. These are then tinted with a sapphire blue. This color has a double connotation. On the one hand, it is a reference to the color very present in the mosaics of the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna. On the other hand, this bluish color evokes the night, a sort of muse where all follies are allowed. In its center, its name Byzantium is repeated three times until it forms a perfect circle. This repetition then evokes the coat of arms of the Rochas brand. Finally, the whole is sublimated by a pinkish red thread which is deposited at the level of the neck of the bottle. On the scent side, Byzantium is mainly based on ingredients from a Mediterranean garden. Its flight is particularly invigorating. We find in particular the presence of mandarin, citron and cardamom. However, these ingredients are softened by the presence of lily of the valley. In addition, its heart is full of flowers such as jasmine, Turkish rose or tuberose. Finally, its wake is much more pronounced. It perfectly combines amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. its wake is much more pronounced. It perfectly combines amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. its wake is much more pronounced. It perfectly combines amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

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