Reviews of the Baptism of Fire fragrance


Reviews of the Baptism of Fire fragrance
Reviews of the Baptism of Fire fragrance

Baptism of Fire, the controversial juice of Serge Lutens

Each Serge Lutens perfume is a chapter referring to his life. Indeed, this intriguing and enigmatic character hides in him buried and moving feelings which appear in turn in each of his essences. He explains himself: “It’s a soap opera, my perfume shop. I have 70 perfumes, but it’s the same story I tell, differently every time. As always, Baptism by Fire therefore reads like a story and fascinates us with its scents juxtaposed in the most perfect harmony.

Baptism of Fire, an olfactory enigma

As always, Baptême du Feu is accompanied by a quote from Serge Lutens. “My emotion is fluid. Like a wax that flows into a mold, it strengthens what appeals to me, like here, this gingerbread heart. “In reality, this perfume tells us about a fair, a shooting range, childhood… But also massacres, gunshots and dust! In other words, Baptism by Fire associates universes which do not, at first glance, absolutely not go together. On the one hand, the joy and happiness of a celebration and a childhood memory. On the other, terror and the bloodbath. It’s a bit as if the author of this juice in fact found “the taste of a fear of gingerbread.”

We are therefore entitled to wonder if Serge Lutens was not directly inspired by cruel news to develop his fragrance. The disturbing side of this perfume nevertheless makes us want to know what it smells. In reality, this one is a concentrate of unisex spices enhanced with a hint of aphrodisiac ginger and the freshness of mandarin. Osmanthus, meanwhile, brings a more autumnal and woody touch to the whole. Finally, powdery notes make the whole thing more elegant while the leather enhances its sensuality.

Serge Lutens’ love for fire

The feelings are thus shared with the discovery of this juice. Should we love it for its perfect scent worthy of unparalleled know-how? Should we hate her for what she evokes? In fact, Serge Lutens has always been fascinated fascinated by the idea of ​​burning something. In fact, it corresponds for him to the fact of “committing suicide” a part of oneself, as if to wipe out a clean slate. When you burn something, you reduce it to ashes, as if to start over again. Moreover, Serge Lutens strangely admits having a pyromaniac side in him while being frightened by the proportions that this can take.

Also, it is precisely this sensation that he has now incorporated into his Baptême du Feu perfume. The latter exudes an incredible aura and an extraordinary fascination. It is both disturbing and exhilarating at the same time. Anyway, this juice can boast of not being like any other and deserves, if only for that, to be discovered by the greatest number.

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