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Retro look of the Male Popeye perfume


Retro look of the Male Popeye perfume
Retro look of the Male Popeye perfume

The retro look of the new limited edition Le Mâle Popeye by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier is a designer particularly appreciated for his daring. Moreover, it is not without reason that he is nicknamed “the enfant terrible of fashion”. Also, each of his creations is particularly expected. Fans of the brand will then be delighted to learn that the usual limited summer edition of the Male has just been unveiled. For the summer of 2016, it is embellished with one of the most famous comic book characters in the world, the famous sailor Popeye created by Elzie Crister Segar in 1929 .

The new design of Jean-Paul Gaultier

If the limited editions of the summer of Le Mâle are always eagerly awaited, it is not only for their smell. Indeed, the creative spirit of Jean-Paul Gaultier is everywhere, and especially on his perfume bottles. Also, it is not the new Male Popeye who will come to prove us the opposite. This honors the most emblematic of sailors. In this case, Popeye comes this year to adorn the bottle of the Male with his virile silhouette. However, apart from this new face on the case, it remains essentially the same as in previous years.

He still adopts his famous form of the bust of a glass man. This one keeps its intense color on the border between blue and green. Likewise, its frosted stripes are still in the game. Everything is then contained in the iconic tin can serving as its case. This one is reminiscent of the spinach cans swallowed up by Popeye in order to increase his strength. Is this a message? Gentlemen, get ready, the new Male Popeye seems to want to highlight all the virility that sleeps in you! In this case, the latter will be embodied by the new face of the brand, the handsome Chris Bunn, who we can already see in an advertisement for the original version of this perfume.

The virile freshness of the Male Popeye

Bien entendu, version estivale oblige, c’est cette fois la fraîcheur qui a été mise à l’honneur par Jean-Paul Gaultier. Le Mâle Popeye est un jus qui ait été imaginé par le parfumeur Francis Kurkdjian. Il est un véritable symbole de puissance et se veut particulièrement masculin et sexy. Son odeur débute par une association de néroli et d’aldéhydes. Ces ingrédients libèrent une senteur hespéridée, zestée et orangée. Celle-ci est alors associée au mordant de la menthe. L’ensemble se veut très aromatique et particulièrement saisissant. Le Mâle Popeye est un véritable coup de fouet dans le quotidien. Puis, il affirme toute sa virilité en son cœur. Celui-ci contient notamment de la sauge, un excellent fixateur aux tonalités ambrées, camphrées et musquées. De même, le tout est assorti de notes boisées sèches et d’ambroxan. Enfin, le sillage du Mâle Popeye se tourne vers davantage de chaleur. Il contient une bonne dose d’exotisme provenant de la vanille ainsi qu’un aspect lacté et onctueux émanant du bois de santal. Le tout se clôt alors sur l’aspect plus poudré et enveloppant de la fève tonka.

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