Rem Escale in St Barth, the new sun concentrate


Rem Escale in St Barth, the new sun concentrate
Rem Escale in St Barth, the new sun concentrate

If on the meteorological level the beautiful days are slow to arrive, in the department of perfumery, on the other hand, this one is already very largely installed. Many brands have already unveiled their limited editions for the summer of 2017. In this sense, the house Réminiscence has not escaped the rule and has just unveiled its particularly exotic reinterpretation of the emblematic Rem perfume. This time, he takes us on a trip to the West Indies. Focus on the new Rem Escale in St Barth.

Reminiscence takes us to Saint-Barthélemy

Réminiscence is a brand that has always drawn inspiration from its travels. This first resulted in the making of many costume jewelry. Then, the brand is no exception to this rule when it made this first perfume. Moreover, if there was to be only one to symbolize the holidays, it would undoubtedly be the Rem perfume . For the record, Nino Amaddeo and Zoé Coste had decided to go to Saint-Barthélemy. But, when they got there, they realized that they had forgotten to pack sunscreen.

So they immediately bought some in a small local bazaar. Full of flowers and smelling of the sun, the scent of their new protective care left them with lasting memories. Barely returned from vacation, the designer couple decided to reinterpret this scent in the form of a perfume. This is how they created the iconic Rem fragrance. It is therefore to pay tribute to this source of inspiration that the Réminiscence brand has decided to call its niche fragrance Rem Escale à St Barth. So, how about discovering this city bordered by a turquoise ocean and famous for its contrasting landscapes?

The very contrasting scent of Rem Escale in St Barth

Like the landscapes of the island of Saint-Barthélemy, Rem Escale à St Barth appears to be a perfume full of nuances and playing on contrasts. Its fragrance is solar, floral and navy at the same time. Rem Escale à St Barth is based on a hot cold blend, similar to hot sand flowing into the cool sea.

This exotic scent takes on a very contemporary feel. It is both lively and tangy, immediately underlining its invigorating freshness of Italian bergamot and tangerine. Likewise, an iodized accord immediately recalls the sea spray. Then, Rem Escale in St Barth is dominated by an assemblage of white flowers which blooms in a rich and luminous heart. Orange blossom comes next to ylang-ylang, reproducing the famous scent of monoi. Finally, a rounder, amber, vanilla and musky base prevails. Everything is delivered to us in the famous turquoise bottle of Réminiscence. All in roundness, this one displays its name in a solar yellow overhanging the name of this limited edition.

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