Redness Solutions the clinic’s sensitive skin powder


Redness Solutions the clinic's sensitive skin powder
Redness Solutions the clinic’s sensitive skin powder

Redness Solutions, the mineral powder for sensitive skin

The Clinique house has considerably extended its offer over the decades. Thus, if its history began with the development of a three-step beauty routine, the brand now offers a wide range of skincare, make-up and perfume. However, its core business remains above all cosmetics and research is continuously carried out by Clinique to meet the needs of your skin. Today, Clinique has decided to reach out to all those with sensitive skin. Its Redness Solutions mineral powder soothes redness and calms tightness. It is a compendium of all the know-how acquired by Clinique over time.

Why is your face irritated?

First and foremost, it is important to understand why your face is irritated and why it turns red, so that it can be treated. Redness in the face can be caused by many factors, starting with a condition called rosacea. However, there are some things that can trigger or worsen this problem. Exposure to the sun and temperature variations are particularly aggravating. It tends to increase blood flow and make your face redden. Likewise, the cold increases skin dryness, which tends to cause irritation. Food is also essential. If you suffer from redness on your face, it is better to avoid spicy food or overly hot dishes. Remember to drink properly to deeply hydrate your skin. Finally, alcohol and tobacco consumption only increases these kinds of problems. Fortunately, if all your precautions are not enough to prevent the appearance of redness, you still have Clinique’s Redness solution.

Redness Solutions, an anti-redness treatment

Redness Solutions by Clinique is a mineral powder that is suitable for all skin types but which is more particularly popular with people with sensitive skin. This powder helps to visibly and durably reduce the appearance of redness. Its results are clinically proven and have been proven by numerous tests performed by Clinique. Redness Solutions powderimmediately neutralizes redness for several hours. At the same time, its formula soothes the skin and acts as a barrier against all external irritants. For this, Redness Solutions powder contains many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. So, by using this product, you will have healthier, softer and more comfortable skin. Likewise, over time, your complexion will appear more even. Redness Solutions powder also helps keep it fresh. Finally, as it comes in a small compact case, it can be taken absolutely anywhere and will allow you to make small touch-ups during the day. Its non-greasy texture is very pleasant. Finally,

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