Ralph Lauren perfume Woman


Ralph Lauren perfume Woman
Ralph Lauren perfume Woman

Woman, the new modern femininity from Ralph Lauren

Most of the time, the Ralph Lauren house offers us derivatives of its iconic Polo fragrance. This one comes in all the sauces, dresses in all colors and gives us all the facets of a sporty and dynamic man. Only a few of her fragrances actually brought out the natural splendor of women. This was the case for Lauren in 1978, Safari in 1990, Glamourous in 2001 or Love in 2008. Today, like a homecoming, Ralph Lauren has decided to refocus on a purely feminine perfume, at the same time romantic, glamorous and timeless. This one is called Woman and has just appeared in the Ralph Lauren department.

Ralph Lauren honors its customers

In recent months, it seems that the Ralph Lauren house has decided to refocus exclusively on femininity . Indeed, last year, the brand presented its very first collection of exclusively female watches. All in curves, the latter were an ode to women. Sewn in white gold and rose gold, they represented a glamorous spirit while being inspired by the legendary New York boutique of Ralph Lauren. In this continuity, Ralph Lauren has this time decided to make a fragrance more feminine than ever. As the name of the new Woman suggests, this juice is only a digest of grace, able to sublimate all the most beautiful attributes of women with a simple breath.

The aesthetics of the new Ralph Lauren

Before talking about the recipe for the new Woman, let’s start by taking a closer look at her aesthetic. In fact, both simple and elegant, the Woman bottle is thought out down to the smallest detail. It rests on a solid and chic glass seat, whose generosity perfectly hugs the hand. Its glass base, meanwhile, forms a broad crystal smile. This is topped by a soft yellow juice similar to molten gold. Everything instantly gives off a solar sensation. Woman’s collar is then topped with a most refined golden mesh. Finally, the whole is overlooked by the iconic Ralph Lauren stopper whose shape is present on each of the bottles of Polo fragrances.

Woman’s fruity and floral femininity

On the recipe side, the Woman perfume also has serious advantages to seduce us. This one puts everything on the floral and fruity aspect. Thus, it appears to be a very accessible perfume and particularly pleasant to wear, especially in the summer season. Indeed, it stays fresh and is never heady. Its fruity start combines rhubarb, black currant and juicy pear. Its center, meanwhile, highlights the radiant luminosity of tuberose, orange blossom and Turkish rose. Finally, the whole is enveloped in a darker and more structured wake. This emanates from woody notes dominated by sandalwood. The hazelnut brings, for its part, more gluttony.

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