Quatre Intense, Boucheron’s new olfactory jewel


Quatre Intense, Boucheron's new olfactory jewel
Quatre Intense, Boucheron’s new olfactory jewel

Boucheron is a brand known around the world for its unrivaled know-how in terms of jewelry. The virtuosity of this brand is now known to all and has contributed to establishing elegance and feminine beauty for many years now. Also, in 2004, its history was further sublimated with the appearance of a particularly prestigious ring: the Quatre ring. After an undeniable success, Boucheron decided to decline this jewel in an olfactory set. Thus, in 2015, the fragrance Quatre made its appearance. Today, it is therefore a brand new scented palette that is emerging. Quatre Intense is already presented as an absolutely irresistible gourmand , floral and fruity fragrance .

The very feminine scent of Quatre Intense

As everyone knows, gourmet notes are particularly trendy these days. Also, Boucheron has clearly decided to ride this current of smell by creating a particularly sweet fragrance. Nevertheless, Quatre Intense retains a good dose of elegance contained in floral tones. Its flight is very energizing. Quatre Intense starts off with the liveliness of bitter orange. This is associated with mandarin and brings a zesty and light touch, sparkling and fruity. In addition, the currant also helps to establish this effect. It gives the whole a particularly tonic aspect. In addition, the strawberry also sublimates the whole.

Then, Quatre Intense evolves towards a more carnal and elegant heart. Jasmine releases its warm, rich, sweet and opulent scents. Its sensuality is then coupled with the floral delicacy of heliotrope. Finally, Quatre Intense finishes its course with more woody tones, bringing a certain elegance and deep sophistication to this composition. Quatre Intense unleashes all its warmth and character here, combining it with the balsamic sweetness of vanilla. Everything then becomes absolutely sensual.

The prestigious aesthetic imagined by Boucheron

Obviously, Boucheron could not be satisfied with endowing its perfume with an ordinary bottle. The Quatre Intense case is therefore strongly inspired by the ring of the same name. This one is carved in a heavy and massive glass clearly indicating its belonging to the exceptional objects. This is tinted with a gold color surmounted by the Quatre ring as a cabochon. It thus declines the typical and emblematic codes of the brand. As its name suggests, it is made around four rings. The first of them uses the Double Godrons motif created in 1889 by Boucheron. This one associates gold rings as if to symbolize the union of two beings. The second ring, for its part, takes on the Clous de Paris motif inspired by the cobblestones of Parisian streets and minutely chiseled by master jewelers.

The third, on the other hand, is rather thought to reflect the light. It highlights diamonds in their paved version on a polished gold base worked using the “mirror setting” technique specific to the Boucheron brand. Finally, the whole thing ends with a Gros Grain motif, considered to be a true miracle of goldsmithing. In addition, the Double Godrons motif is also reflected at the base of this bottle. This is a true work of art with an absolutely ingenious rotating opening.

There is also a men’s version of the Quatre fragrance .

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