Pure XS the fragrance, when Paco Rabanne raises the temperature!


Pure XS, when Paco Rabanne raises the temperature!
Pure XS, when Paco Rabanne raises the temperature!

Paco Rabanne has just unveiled his brand niche fragrance to us and the least we can say is that lovers of sensual and daring perfumes will be served! Its new juice is called Pure XS and clearly emphasizes seduction . With an oriental composition, this juice places ginger at the center of its composition, which says a lot about its aphrodisiac side.

It comes to curl up in a bottle cut like a precious stone and degraded in dark blue tones of the most bewitching. What is more, if his recipe should be enough to make people talk about him, Paco Rabanne did not skimp on advertising resources either. Prepare to succumb to seduction …

Pure XS, when Paco Rabanne changes his style

Since the launch of the very first Black XS, the Paco Rabanne brand has been targeting a very specific target of customers. Indeed, this juice is described as being a rock ‘n’ roll perfume aimed more exactly at 15-20 years old. In fact, the 2015 campaign for this fragrance retraced the journey of rock legends, from Iggy Pop to Debbie Harry.

Indeed, young people tend to be nostalgic for a period they have not known. Thus, Paco Rabanne quickly used the rock image of Generation X to inspire that of Generation Z. However, it seems that Paco Rabanne is currently operating a slight repositioning. First of all, Paco Rabanne took us across the Atlantic with the Black XS Los Angeles version. For this first variant, it was the turn of Gabriel Kane Day Lewis to embody the image of Paco Rabanne, making us discover the city on an electro-rock musical background. Today, the atmosphere is quite different. The teenagers seem to have grown up well and Paco Rabanne is now addressing the accomplished men they have become, directly striking their intimacy and their sensuality.

The eroticism of Pure XS

This time, it is a young model with the face of an angel and a sculptural body who embodies the image of the Pure XS perfume . Supported by a musical aria from Carmen’s opera, he walks with a deceptively nonchalant step into a very luxurious bathroom.

This room is then decorated with many paintings whose eyes are cut out so that female guests can observe the beautiful brunette. The young man barely makes his entrance that they are already in turmoil. However, the temperature will only increase over the course of its small ceremony … The muse of Pure XS then turns to a two-way mirror behind which women jostle. The latter suffocate as the image is seductive.

Petit à petit, le jeune homme ténébreux se dénude, s’observant sous toutes les coutures, et finissant même par baisser son pantalon… Il saisit alors son flacon de Pure XS pour se parfumer sur l’intégralité du corps. Lorsqu’il touche à son intimité, l’érotisme est trop fort. L’hystérie s’empare de la gent féminine et la publicité s’achève par un malaise général. Vous voilà prévenus, Pure XS compte bien révéler le séducteur qui sommeille en vous !

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