Primary Colors Lip Polish Base


Primary Colors Lip Polish Base
Primary Colors Lip Polish Base

Modulate the shade of your Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Polish with the new Primary Colors

True icons of beauty born in 2012, Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Varnishes are constantly reinventing themselves. Kinds of hybrid products located on the border of gloss and lipstick, the latter have become stars of the makeup department in no time. Thus, the sign did not intend to stop there and chose to decline them in three new primary shades: a crimson red, a yellow and a blue. Forget about compromises and dare to assert yourself, the Primary Colors Lip Varnishes will make you change your look as many times as you want, while offering you a particularly wide range of powerful and particularly vivid colors.

The famous Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Polish

For a long time, women dreamed of having a lipstick that was both shiny while having intense colored pigments. So, who has never tried to cover their classic lipstick with a layer of transparent gloss to give the whole thing more volume? However, the result sometimes left something to be desired and sometimes gave a slightly flavorful rendering… Fortunately, everything changed in 2012 when Yves Saint-Laurent made the Lip Varnish .

Produced at the border between gloss and lipstick, this one can boast of combining the intensity of a color and the shine of a lipstick. . Its formula is based on a new system called the Lifeproof Color Emulsion. Formulated with ultra-resistant polymers and ethylcellulose, Lip Polish makes your mouth shine like a real candy while giving it an absolutely splendid shade. What’s more, its wet effect does not remain sticky. The Lip Varnish is a very pleasant product to wear. It was initially available in 19 different colors ranging from beige to pink, via red or purple.

The three new Primary Colors for Lip Polishes

Now, the Yves Saint-Laurent house has decided to enrich its wide range of Lip Varnishes with three new Primary Colors. Yves Saint-Laurent offers us a “Magenta Amplifier”, a “Blue Amplifier” or a “Yellow Amplifier”. Two choices are then available to you in terms of application. These new colors can be worn alone or combined with other shades of classic Lip Polish. Thus, by assembling two colors, you will obtain more Lip Polish colors and you will be able to create totally personalized products.

Yves Saint-Laurent offers you the opportunity to play chemists and make your own custom lip varnish. If you choose to wear one of the new Primary Colors Lip Polish on its own, just apply it like a classic lipstick. On the other hand, to create a mix of colors, start by applying a layer of Primary Colors Lip Varnish on your mouth. Let it dry. Then, cover it with one of the classic Lip Polish shades of your choice.

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