Prada’s new Luna Rossa Black fragrance


Prada's new Luna Rossa Black fragrance
Prada’s new Luna Rossa Black fragrance

Luna Rossa Black, all the competitive spirit of Prada bottled

The Prada house is all at the same time: dynamism, refinement and masculinity. However, it is precisely all these elements that can be found in his Luna Rossa olfactory collection . Created in 2012, this assortment of fragrances remains to this day one of the brand’s most famous. After the last Luna Rossa Carbon of 2017, Prada decided to offer us a new version called Luna Rossa Black. More masculine and radically different from its elders, it displays a typically Italian charm, loaded with liveliness.

Luna Rossa, juices directly inspired by sport

All Luna Rossa fragrances have in common that they are inspired by one of the most famous races on the planet: the America’s Cup. Indeed, since 2000, Prada has engaged a prestigious catamaran there. To give you the context, know that this is one of the most prestigious competitions on the planet, requiring exceptional rigor and determination. Prada decided to take inspiration from it to make perfumes.. Therefore, the new Luna Rossa Black seems to possess in him the strength of character of the participants of this sailing race, their obsession and their dedication. Its rigor, meanwhile, is similar to the engineering prowess demonstrated by the creators of these exceptional boats. With this new juice, nothing is left to chance and its masculine composition seems capable of pushing you to go beyond your own limits.

The different versions before Luna Rossa Black

Luna Rossa Black is far from being a first olfactory version of this catamaran. It all started with the preparation of Luna Rossa, a woody and fresh juice made from lavender. Then, in 2013, Luna Rossa Extrême amplified its spicy side while warming it with labdanum and vanilla. In 2015, Luna Rossa Sport made lavender a more effervescent material, accompanying it with ginger and juniper berries. The 2016 Eau Sport is arguably the most energizing and fresh juice in this whole assortment. Finally, the last Luna Rossa Carbon of 2017 in turn expresses a more mineral freshness.

The new woody freshness of Luna Rossa Black

Luna Rossa Black is an amazing fragrance. Indeed, unlike all its elders, it does not contain any lavender flavor. It therefore breaks definitively with the tradition of Prada. It first takes off on a fresh and floral alliance of bergamot and angelica. Then, her masculinity becomes deeper, fresh and salty. Its heart contains patchouli and coumarin. Finally, Luna Rossa Black evolves towards a virile and racy base, combining woody flavors and amber.

The return of the iconic Prada bottle

Luna Rossa Black is presented in the emblematic bottle of the entire collection, previously designed by Swiss designer Yves Béhar. It has nevertheless exchanged its metallic hue of the past for an entirely black and opaque lacquer. A matte base faces a more shimmering second level. The whole takes on an impeccable and infinitely elegant look.

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