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Prada – Candy Kiss


Prada - Candy Kiss
Prada – Candy Kiss

Candy Kiss, the perfumed candy from Prada

If some people see perfume as an asset of seduction, others, on the other hand, perceive it more as a means of comfort. Indeed, it accompanies us on a daily basis and plunges us into a comfortable atmosphere wherever we are. It’s a bit as if it made you feel at home in all circumstances. Also, as if to always give a little more smile to the one who wears it, the Prada house decided to develop, in 2016, the Candy Kiss perfume. This is a real treat that has something to embellish the days of lovers of sweets.

The love of women for gourmet fragrances

If the trend of gourmet perfumes has taken a long time to emerge, it seems that women are more and more followers of fragrances that make them salivate … It must be said that these are guaranteed zero calories, a real godsend as the beautiful approaches. days ! In fact, gourmet perfumes appeared thanks to Thierry Mugler and his iconic Angel perfume, in 1992. Since that day, they have been a hit and women have been asking for more. Thus, if Prada had accustomed us to the image of a fairly traditional assertive woman, she seems to have turned her jacket over to fully anchor herself in the current trend.

To give you an idea, know that gourmet perfumes such as Candy Kiss represent around 30% of the global perfume market, a colossal result! Appetizing fragrances have become a classic that consumers can no longer do without. In addition, some researchers even claim that this taste for sweetness is not acquired but genetic. From then on, you no longer have any reason to deprive yourself, Candy Kiss seems to be a perfume inscribed in the depths of your being. A real antidepressant, this one already promises to tickle your endorphins and give you a shot of pleasure every day.

Candy Kiss, a fragrance by Daniela Andrier

But to whom do we owe this concentrate of treats? If Candy Kiss made its appearance in 2016, it appears to be the worthy successor of Prada Candy of 2011. However, these two perfumes come from the same designer: the talented Daniela Andrier. An elegant figure in current perfumery, she says she felt a kind of gift for recognizing odors very early on. Besides, when she was little, she was convinced that everyone felt the same way she did.

Daniela Andrier thus has a highly developed olfactory memory. It is therefore regularly in her memories that she draws her inspiration. Coming from the prestigious ISIPCA perfume school in Versailles, it is today recognized for its creativity and daring all over the planet. Most of the time, Daniela Andrier takes pleasure in giving us time travel. She therefore believes that a fragrance must be a common thread between the past, the present and the future. So, how about falling back into childhood thanks to Candy Kiss’s gluttony?

Prada perfumes are the extension of the creative vision of Miuccia Prada, artistic director at the head of the Italian House of the same name. At the very least, this is precisely the case for the assortment of Candy fragrances. These are a reflection of each work of the brand, marvelously combining tradition, daring and quality. No wonder then that the public immediately attended… Also, fans of the brand will be delighted to learn: a brand new olfactory variation of this collection has just been launched. Prada’s new kid is now called Candy Kiss.

The lingering smell of Candy Kiss

Like each of the Candy fragrances since 2011, Candy Kiss is signed by the talented perfumer Daniela Andrier. It is a sensual musk-based juice, reminiscent of white cotton and accompanied by the luminosity and bewitchment of orange blossom vanilla. This one is both fun and gourmet. It gives rise to instant addiction and appears to be an activator of emotions. Unlike her elders, Candy Kiss does not put caramel in the spotlight. On the other hand, its entire composition is based on musk. This ingredient of animal origin, and now synthetic, gives off a fairly strong odor, both animal and woody.

It brings an incredible hold to the whole and makes Candy Kiss a recognizable scent among all. Its sensuality is then embellished with the luminosity of orange blossom. Thanks to her, her heart becomes more floral, powdery and sweet. It is then that vanilla makes its appearance, releasing in its passage a flood of bewitchment. Candy Kiss ends with warmer, softer and more mellow tones. It becomes a fragrance that we never tire of rediscovering again and again, giving rise to ever more intense emotions.

A look revisited by Prada

On the aesthetic side, Candy Kiss is very strongly inspired by its elder. Nevertheless, even if its origin is clearly recognizable, some elements differ from the past. Candy Kiss is always contained in a bottle forming a slender glass column. Likewise, the pump in the shape of a half-moon topping the whole and emblematic of this collection is always in the game. On the other hand, if it was previously lacquered in an intense black, it is now redesigned in a very attractive pearly white shade. This one is very refined and fits perfectly with the inscription of the Prada logo in gold letters.

De plus, le tout est encore agrémenté d’une base très féminine reposant sur des tons roses tendres. De même, cette féminité transparaît de toutes parts, y compris dans la publicité pour Candy Kiss. Ce parfum est incarné par le modèle américain Lexi Boling, muse particulièrement en vogue actuellement. Il semblerait que personne ne puisse résister à son regard à la fois audacieux et fascinant. C’est donc en toute logique que Prada a fait appel à elle pour remplacer l’actrice française Léa Seydoux. Elle a alors été photographiée par le talentueux Steven Meisel et nous délivre une beauté captivante qui en dit long sur l’attractivité de ce nouveau parfum.


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