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Perfumes that are popular


Popular flavors
Popular flavors

Perfumery is an art that evolves with trends. Also, creators compete in ingenuity to surprise customers and to rank at the top of sales. So how about taking a quick tour of the hottest brands right now.

Dior, the big winner

Undoubtedly, Dior is currently a particularly popular brand. Indeed, the famous J’adore is once again number 1 in sales of perfumes for women. Likewise, on the men’s side, Dior literally floods the market. Dior Homme Intense is the best-selling men’s fragrance while Sauvage is also on the podium. In addition, Dior Homme and the timeless Eau Sauvage are still particularly popular.

Safe values

However, other species are just as popular and have been for many years. In this case, women seem to succumb to the charm of La Vie est Belle by Lancôme, La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain, Angel by Thierry Mugler or even Flower By Kenzo. Men, for their part, are seduced by Invictus and One Million by Paco Rabanne, Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier, La Nuit de l’Homme by Yves Saint-Laurent and the Ideal Man by Guerlain.

The timeless

Finally, among this flood of last generation essences, some timeless juices are myths. Some brands are so talented that they have made true legends of their essences. In this case, Chanel N ° 5 is still the fourth best-selling women’s perfume in France today. Just behind him, Angel by Thierry Mugler always seems to satisfy the gluttony of these ladies. Likewise, Guerlain seems to have succeeded in imposing the iconic Shalimar forever. Finally, men are still under the spell of the authentic Terre d’Hermès.

Now that you have some clues, all you have to do is find which brand looks like you the most …

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