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Paris – Deauville, the new Chanel tribute perfume


Paris - Deauville, the new Chanel tribute perfume
Paris – Deauville, the new Chanel tribute perfume

Paris-Deauville, a nod to the history of Chanel in a perfume

Recently, the house of Chanel has continued to pay tribute to its creator through new scent compositions. Gabrielle perfume in particular made a lot of talk. Today, the brand has chosen to highlight three places in which Coco Chanel has spent several years . Among this new olfactory trio is the Paris-Deauville perfume. So, how about going with us to the Normandy coast?

Deauville, an emblematic place in the history of Chanel

If Deauville is a place steeped in history for the house of Chanel, it is quite simply because it is there that Gabrielle decided to put down her suitcases, in 1913. She opened a fashion store there, rue Gontaut-Biron. Until that date, Gabrielle Chanel had above all a growing notoriety for her hats. She then knew how to seduce the most prominent faces of her time. Deauville marked a turning point and changed the course of its history. It is from that day that Chanel became an illustrious figure of couture.

What if Deauville took on a more Mediterranean smell?

As surprising as it may seem, the new Paris-Deauville perfume does not really smell the typical smell of Normandy… Olivier Polge, official perfumer of Chanel has chosen to articulate this essence around two major ingredients, at the more Mediterranean spirit. The idea was more to highlight the solar and magnetic aura of Gabrielle Chanel. It resurfaces in a duo of basil and Sicilian orange. The result is a wildly aromatic and invigorating fragrance. With Paris-Deauville, the house of Chanel breathes a summer air before the hour!

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