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Paco, the first unisex fragrance from Paco Rabanne


Paco, the first unisex fragrance from Paco Rabanne
Paco, the first unisex fragrance from Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne is one of the biggest names in haute couture and perfumery. He marked the years creating dresses incorporated in metal, diamonds and gold. It is his collection of accessories from 1965 called “Pacotilles”, which will bring him his ticket to haute couture.

He entered perfumery in 1969 with “Calandre”, then with “Paco Rabanne pour homme” in 1973, which had become a staple in men’s perfumery. In 1996, Paco Rabanne presented “Paco”, a more intimate unisex fragrance, dedicated to all these fans.

The unisex fragrance of Paco Rabanne

After calling its first male fragrance “Paco Rabanne pour Homme”, the brand launched “Paco” in 1966. The latter is not a perfume like the others, because it is a unisex fragrance. At a time when the trend is for androgynous fashions, Paco Rabanne offers a fragrance for everyone, without any difference.

A new kind of perfume for a New World, “Paco” is not only the reflection of an era. Indeed, if P aco Rabanne wanted to give his first name to this perfume, it is so that it is closer to him, more intimate, more personal. “Paco” is a fragrance aimed at bringing him closer to his fans, to those who wear his perfumes. “Paco” displays a tonic and modern scent, very vitalizing for the body, but also for the spirit.

The invigorating notes of Paco

This new kind of fragrance is defined as an aromatic citrus. “Paco” begins with the citrus and ultra invigorating notes of lemon and mandarin. To these is added the exoticism of pineapple, as well as coriander which brings its spicy touch. The heart of “Paco” is made up of floral notes, such as cyclamen and jasmine, to which hints of tea and an aromatic touch are mixed with the presence of lavender. The base is both creamy and warm thanks to the presence of white musks, tonka bean, cedarwood and also sandalwood.

As for the bottle, it is ultra revolutionary and could not be more original. Shaped like a recycled metallic can, the bottle has a clean and very contemporary look. The name of the perfume is displayed in the middle of the embossed can. The bottle has also been designed to be able to take it everywhere with you, like your favorite drink.

After numerous and great olfactory successes, Paco Rabanne launches his first unisex fragrance “Paco”. The couturier gave his first name to this perfume, because he wanted to bring a more intimate, much more personal side to it. As a unisex fragrance, this one is of course, for everyone, for all the fans of the designer, those of yesterday, those of today, and those of tomorrow.

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