Paco Rabanne unveils a Lady Million Privé perfume box


Paco Rabanne unveils a Lady Million Privé perfume box
Paco Rabanne unveils a Lady Million Privé perfume box

Lady Million Privé by Paco Rabanne returns in a gold-coated box

“Whatever the civilizations and religions, gold has never ceased to seduce man. This is how the Lady Million Privé perfume was born . Paco Rabanne has always been fascinated by materials. This time, he chose to work around one of the most noble materials in the world: gold. He made it into a sparkling diamond with a particularly sensual scent. This daring fragrance imposes itself with naturalness and humor. It takes us into a dreamlike world where lust reigns supreme. What is more, Paco Rabanne goes even further and this time gives us the image of a flamboyant and refined woman in an elegant box.

Lady Million Privé, a floral olfactory explosion

Lady Million Privé is a vibrant and sensual fragrance, thought of as flower nectar. However, it turns out to be much more sensual than its predecessor. Her ambition could not be clearer, Lady Million Privé intends to make you a femme fatale! His breath revolves mainly around the sensuality of the heliotrope. This flower is associated with a more mysterious and warm vanilla. For more indulgence, Paco Rabanne has also added cocoa sap to its fragrance. Finally, it is structured by a more woody patchouli which further reinforces its elegance.

The elegant box of Paco Rabanne for its perfume

Lady Million Privé is presented to us this time in a rectangular box , in an elegant copper color. This color was not chosen at random and is perfectly matched above the bottle of Lady Million Privé. Like a topping covering this packaging, these melted materials contain Paco Rabanne’s diamond in a 50 ml spray bottle associated with another bag sprayer to take everywhere with you.

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