Oud de Carthage, the mystical Orientalism of Boucheron


Oud de Carthage, the mystical Orientalism of Boucheron
Oud de Carthage, the mystical Orientalism of Boucheron

Boucheron is an exceptional jeweler who undoubtedly possesses one of the richest heritages of all those present on the Place Vendôme. His art consists of sublimating the most beautiful precious stones on the planet and revealing their emotions to the world. Frédéric Boucheron has always been fascinated by stones. Thus, it is to the four corners of the world that this one was going to collect these last. As if to pay tribute to this global quest for beauty, Boucheron has today decided to launch a collection of fragrances paying tribute to the most beautiful places that Boucheron passes through. This is where the Oud de Carthage perfume was born.

Boucheron takes us on a trip

As the name of this perfume suggests, this one is very much inspired by Carthage. This place is located northeast of the Tunisian capital. Today, it is one of the most exclusive municipalities in Tunisia. It also brings together many residences of ambassadors and wealthy Tunisian or expatriate fortunes. So, it is not surprising that Boucheron has maintained close ties with this place for many years. What is more, besides its sunny and luxurious aspect, Carthage also has a timeless part. Indeed, in the midst of modern life, many archaeological sites are resurfacing. The latter are also classified as World Heritage by Unesco. Remnants of crusades also mix different cultures.

The oriental and woody composition of Oud de Carthage

To make the Oud de Carthage perfume, the Boucheron house called on the perfumer Dominique Ropion. He chose to materialize the luxurious and golden part of this place by the presence of honey in the top notes of this perfume. This sweet ingredient is associated with an overall breath, which only increases its mysterious side. Then, its heart is enveloped in tonka bean while labdanum envelops everything in its amber, floral and somewhat animal scent. Finally, the oud wood wins out, releasing its precious and characterful aspect in its path while associating it with the sensuality of leather.

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