Ottoman leather, the oriental scent of Parfum d’Empire


Ottoman leather, the oriental scent of Parfum d'Empire
Ottoman leather, the oriental scent of Parfum d’Empire

Cuir Ottaman is the third fragrance in the Parfum d’Empire range . As often, its name draws its origins from that of an ancient fallen empire. More than a perfume, Cuir Ottaman evokes a whole universe: the latter is located halfway between Scheherazade and Suleiman the Magnificent. It combines mystery with the charm that we love so much in the eastern part of the globe. In addition, it gives off a scent of leather with warm, amber accents, a leather that can be worn by a woman as well as by a man.

Leather Ottaman , a fragrance created by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato is none other than the nose that created Cuir Ottoman, as well as the other essences of the Parfum d’Empire collection. The latter is above all a horse enthusiast since his childhood. He would even have liked to make it his profession, but certain turning points in his family life forced him to choose a more academic path. Also, when the mission was offered to him to make a leather-based perfume, he could not help but automatically think of this sublime material covering the saddles of horses. In addition, this talented creator was born in Morocco. So when he created this perfume, he simply took inspiration from his roots and mixed in all the love he always had for sun-drenched plants. Moreover, for him, Parfum d’Empire is a brand that likes to claim the richness of the raw materials used in its creations. These are sublimated and Cuir Ottaman is therefore a perfume that has simply extracted what nature has done best for us to transcribe it.

Empire perfume and its leather scent

By the time Ottoman Leather came out, leather was not very popular in perfumery. Its design took a year of work. The most complicated thing was then to find top notes and heart notes managing to calm all his animal ardor. The perfumer then found his happiness in the Iris of Florence. Leather Ottaman has a lot of it. However, it is an ingredient which is extremely expensive and which is one of the noblest raw materials in perfumery. Also, with its iris heart, Cuir Ottaman is undeniably a very prestigious product. In addition, it is also embellished with tonka bean from Venezuela and jasmine from Egypt. The leather accord is mainly made up of cracked cyst, styrax, birch, raw patchouli and absolute animal vanilla. Cuir Ottoman evokes the magic of harems but above all, the skins of animals which, at that time, were tanned with iris … hence the idea of ​​this perfume. Everything is then enclosed in a classic bottle, with the same shape for allthe line of Parfum d’Empire products . It is simply adorned with an iridescent blue label, paying homage to the starry nights of the Ottoman Empire.

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