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Only The Brave Wild, a scent of instinct


Only The Brave Wild, a scent of instinct
Only The Brave Wild, a scent of instinct

In 2014, Diesel decided to launch a brand new version of its perfume Only The Brave . This new variation then appended the word Wild to its original name. This literally means “wild” in French. Indeed, with this essence, the brand seeks to see beyond appearances that are often very sophisticated. Very often, this shell hides a more authentic facet where nature is quick to reclaim its rights. This perfume, less expensive here, is intended for men who know how to combine their instinct with modernity. The bottle then adopts a very natural khaki hue for the occasion and its scent is that of an exotic fern.

Only The Brave Wild, when nature takes back its rights

With this essence, Diesel has chosen to look at the city from another angle. Indeed, at first glance, we see that bitumen has taken precedence over nature. All the roads are paved, land is scarce, as are the great outdoors and everything is very well orchestrated. Likewise, men are very sophisticated: they are styled, shaved, waxed, and use a multitude of beauty products. However, fortunately, nature has not completely disappeared and it has even made a comeback in recent years. Indeed, the green trend is on the rise and green spaces are blooming everywhere. You only have to see the size of some large urban parks like Time Square in New York. Likewise, in Paris, the Viaduc des Arts has converted a disused railway line into a tree-lined promenade. Furthermore, this trend even has a name, that of “rewilding”, understand “return to the wild”. In addition, men are allowing their hair and beards to grow more and more. Thus, while being modern and urban, they let their instinct speak and give way to their animal side. They are then particularly sexy and are what they want to be. Also, it is exactly for this kind of men that this essence is aimed at, surfing the current trend.

Diesel’s rawest punch

As usual, it is the famous punch bottle that is highlighted. This time he opts for a more natural shade of green. In addition, its frosted appearance evokes a somewhat camouflage side. It seems to be able to blend into the environment and wonderfully symbolizes this alliance of the urban and nature. It is also capped with a perforated steel cap which gives it a post-industrial feel. When it comes to scents, Only The Brave Wildconsists mainly of a fern. This one is made from lavender, geranium, oakmoss and coumarin. Then, an intense luminosity appears via the essence of grapefruit and lemongrass. However, its scent does not lack character and asserts itself thanks to the contribution of black pepper and nutmeg. Finally, its base is deeper and drier. We find the woody notes of cedar and vetiver, softened by an accord of creamy and equally unexpected coconut milk.

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