Only the Brave Tattoo the smell of the bad boy Diesel


Only the Brave Tattoo the bad boy Diesel
Only the Brave Tattoo the bad boy Diesel

When Diesel fragrances take shape on the skin

Fuel for Life and Only The Brave are the first two fragrances from the young perfume house Diesel. Yet the original and powerful scents of these masculine perfumes quickly found their audience. With Only The Brave Tattoo, Diesel continues to distill its deep and unique scents in order to draw assertive and liberated men a scent of absolute freedom.

“Sign your body” with Only The Brave Tattoo

The founder of the famous Italian luxury jeans brand, Renzo Rosso, is not the man to let his behavior or his creations dictate, which has certainly also made the success of his brand since 1955. Regarding the a much more recent creation of perfumes, Renzo Rosso has also decided to target a young audience, carrying values ​​of authenticity and courage. A man who perfumes himself with a Fuel For life or an Only The brave can only be a man sure of his masculinity.

Thus the beautiful Only The Brave Tattoo is aimed at men sure of their life path, so sure that they do not hesitate to write it in precious drawings on their bodies. Besides, Renzo Rosso is a fervent follower of tattoos, which he considers to be an art in its own right. One way to stand out, to write your personality on the leather of your skin. Only The Brave Tattoo would therefore seem to be the result of a very intimate desire from the ultra tattooed founder of Diesel.

“I put all my personality into it: very strong with a rock & roll spirit, very playful but not arrogant. Renzo Rosso says of Only The Brave Tattoo.

Thus Only The Brave Tattoo will become the successor and opponent of Only The Brave. An adversity that will be highlighted in the visual as in the advertising film for Only The Brave Tattoo where the two beautiful heroes (played by Lucas Kerr and Sam Webb) will meet in an ultra virile atmosphere.

An original hookah tobacco accord for a man Only the Brave Tattoo pure

The glass fist created by Renzo Rosso himself for Only The Brave will be kept to present this first variation . On the other hand for Only the Brave Tattoo the glass will be tinted with a lacquered black which will highlight the precious graphics drawn in the form of tattoos by Mister Cartoon, the tattoo artist of Hollywood stars. Very rock’n’roll the bottle does not forget to have a beautiful look!

Composed by Alberto Morillas and Honorine Blanc, Only The Brave Tattoo offers us a dazzling and original start of tangy granny apple. In the heart, there is no violet-coumarin accord as for the original fragrance, but rather a powerful sage accorded to a spicy black pepper. Finally, amber woods and delicacies of cocoa and benzoin are offered in a precious and captivating hookah tobacco accord.

“Rock, rebellious, self-confident, the Only The Brave Tattoo man chose what he wanted to be and, like a supreme commitment, marked it on his skin. »Diesel for Only the Brave Tattoo.

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