One Million Privé, the embodiment of male desire


One Million Privé, the embodiment of male desire
One Million Privé, the embodiment of male desire

Paco Rabanne has always been a brand synonymous with daring and modernity.

His style is easily identifiable and does not hesitate to jostle, to disrupt, without ever taking himself completely seriously. Since Calandre in 1969, the perfumes of Paco Rabanne accompany women and men in tune with their fantasies with ever more iconic fragrances. Also, among the star creations of the brand we notably count the perfume 1 Million. In this year 2016, it is then put back on the front of the stage. A variation called One Million Privé will make its appearance very soon with its female counterpart Lay Million Privé .

Paco Rabanne and his fascination with gold

Paco Rabanne has always displayed a particular love and attraction for gold. Indeed, he explains that “Whatever the civilizations and religions, gold has never ceased to seduce man. “. For him, this matter is the mirror of our ego. He thinks that by transforming nuggets into money, jewelry or ingots, man has noticed that no other material offers such surprising beauty. He then raised this material to an almost divine rank, stirring up all lusts. Also, in order to fulfill the fantasies of men, Paco Rabanne decided to make creations of them. After using it in Haute Couture pieces, he decided to reappropriate this material in perfumery. Paco Rabanne made gold a masculine identity rhyming with seduction, play, desire and fantasy. 1 Million Privé seems to open the way for us to limitless imagination. Still, don’t think that the One Million man is a self-righteous character. He is rather a wealthy gentleman with a good dose of humor and without complex displaying his 1 Million assets!

The new One Million Privé

Also, in order to develop this new juice, Paco Rabanne called on the perfumer Christophe Raynaud, a creator who had already contributed to the development of the first One Million. This time, he has chosen to combine two very original ingredients in the top notes of One Million Privé. The latter also consists of a fruity and fresh touch of blood mandarin accompanied by the warm, woody and powdery scent of cinnamon. Then, One Million Privé evolves into a heart loaded with hookah tobacco and myrrh resin. Thus, it delivers honeyed, waxy, spicy and humid aromas. One Million Privé even has a little caramelized and slightly aniseed side similar to licorice. Finally, 1 Million Privé ends with more depth, sensually associating patchouli with tonka bean absolute. Of course, it is still contained in its famous ingot-shaped bottle. This is always covered with an all-metal frame giving it strength and shine. However, this design object is this time tinted in darker and amber tones than before. Its transparent sides nevertheless reveal the golden color of its juice, very evocative of the world of luxury.

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