Olympéa, the olfactory goddess of modern times


Olympéa, the goddess of modern times

Paco Rabanne is part of the fashion and beauty landscape. His avant-garde spirit, but also his side “agitator of ideas” made him an outstanding stylist. It was in 1966 that he was noticed thanks to a collection of dresses “in importable materials” and the young Francesco Rabaneda y Cuervo then became Paco Rabanne. He entered the world of perfumery with “Calandre”. In 2013, the brand presented “  Invictus”, a masculine fragrance that was to say the least conquering. Two years later, Paco Rabanne unveils his female alter ego “Olympéa” .

Olympéa, an ode to all women

Because Paco Rabanne likes to create olfactory couples, a partner was absolutely necessary for “Invictus”. “Olympéa” comes from Greek mythology, and that is why it totally corresponds to our hero of modern times. If “Olympéa” revisits the codes of mythology like its male alter ego, it nevertheless wants to be ultra feminine and sensual. Half-woman, half-goddess, “Olympéa” pushes sensuality to its peak. You should know that Mount Olympus was the largest mountain in Greece. The Gods met there to discuss and meet. The top of Olympus was completely hidden by clouds, but it was mostly invisible to mortals. This is why the Olympéa woman is almost divine and far exceeds the average person. With “Olympéa”, women enter a mythical dimension.

Olympéa and its salty vanilla accord

The composition of “Olympéa” is the work of Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. “Olympéa” is defined as a fresh and powerful oriental fragrance, carried by a “vanilla-salty” accord. “Olympéa” opens immediately with this salty vanilla accord. This accord combines with the freshness of green mandarin. The heart of “Olympéa” contains floral and aquatic essences, in particular with the presence of water jasmine and ginger flower. Finally, the base could not be more sensual, it combines vanilla, patchouli, amber and sandalwood. The bottle is a wonderful combination of ancient codes and contemporary codes. All round, the bottle was made by designer Marc Ange.

The pale pink bottle is also surrounded by metallic bay leaves in a rosy gold color. The rendering offers an indescribable object of desire. Paco Rabanne has also invested a lot in advertising. It features gods at the foot of Olympus. They were bored until the arrival of the attractive Olympéa represented by Luma Grothe, a Brazilian top model, also a muse for the Loréal group. As Alexandre Courtès, the director of the clip explains, “Luma’s eyes are filled with seduction and playfulness, they convey a lot of emotions. It is this gaze that takes us, like the frozen gods of this imaginary Olympus, in the wake of her seduction ”.

The start of the year marked the launch of a new opus: Olympéa Intense .

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