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Old perfumes that are popular


Old perfumes that are popular
Old perfumes that are popular

It is often said that perfumery is an art form . Also, his masterpieces are timeless and go beyond fashions. This is why certain old perfumes are still particularly in vogue today.

The very first fragrance in history

On the one hand, know that the history of perfumery dates back to the 14th century. Indeed, the very first perfume in history was born in 1370 and was called the Water of the Queen of Hungary. Obviously, the marketing of this perfume is no longer going on today. However, other species display exemplary longevity and are still talking about it after almost a century of existence.

The oldest juices on our shelves

Among the oldest perfumes which are still marketed today, there is in particular Habanita de Molinard, created in 1921. Moreover, for the record, this one was first imagined to perfume cigars and not the women ! It is then described as being “the most enduring perfume in the world”. Similarly, this category also includes Pour Un Homme de Caron from 1934, Miss Dior by Dior from 1947 , Monsieur de Givenchy 1959, Calèche d’Hermès from 1961 and Trésor de Lancôme from 1952.

Chanel and Guerlain, great champions of longevity

Also, among the perfumers at the top of this list, Chanel and Guerlain are exceptions. Indeed, the famous Chanel N ° 5 is more relevant than ever. It remains one of the best-selling perfumes in the world when it was released in 1921. In this case, it is particularly appreciated for its very mysterious appearance and its complexity linked to its recipe based on 80 ingredients. Likewise, another perfume created the same year is still very much talked about today. This is none other than the universal Shalimar of Guerlain. The latter is particularly sensual and its oriental scent is still as seductive despite the years that go by.

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