Obsessed for Women the Calvin Klein perfume


Obsessed for Women the perfume
Obsessed for Women the perfume

Obsessed For Women, the new concentrate of desire from Calvin Klein

When the Calvin Klein house made the Obsession perfume in 1985 , its ambition was “to evoke all the sensuality and ardor of a woman given over to passion”. This juice was a worldwide success and undoubtedly embodies better than any other fragrance the image that we have of this great brand of creation. This is why the new artistic direction of the brand has decided to bring this juice up to date and to develop a modernized version. From July 2017, the new Obsessed For Women will take over from this legend of perfumery.

The aromatic and sensual recipe of Obsessed For Women

Obsessed For Women is a fragrance that remains quite mysterious for the moment. Indeed, for the moment, very little information has filtered about him. However, we know that his recipe will mainly revolve around the scent of lavender. Moreover, the idea is surprising to say the least if we consider that it is an aromatic ingredient most of the time reserved for men’s perfumery .

This gives the whole a Mediterranean and sunny side here. What is more, lavender is enriched with the carnal and animal scent of musk. This ingredient gives Obsessed For Women a particularly seductive side that unmistakably recalls the aura of its predecessor. This recipe is the work of talented perfumers Annick Ménardo and Honorine Blanc.

Annick Ménardo is famous for her very contemporary and pioneering style. So, there doesn’t seem to be a better choice than to modernize Calvin Klein‘s iconic Obsession. Honorine Blanc, for her part, is a perfumer who likes to illustrate herself in very different styles. Nevertheless, she does not hide her love for sensual and very charismatic juices. It is therefore his creative paste that we find in the new Obsessed For Women .

Kate Moss returns to Calvin Klein

From then on, all that was missing was an advertisement to sublimate the arrival of this new juice. However, it is already a safe bet that the advertising campaign carried out by Calvin Klein will spill a lot of ink! Indeed, this marks the big comeback of the famous Kate Moss at Calvin Klein. In fact, to make this advertisement, Calvin Klein went to look in his archives and brought out photos of Kate Moss taken in 1993, naked and particularly attractive.

It embodies better than anyone else the visual identity of Calvin Klein, and the campaign carried out at the time by photographer Mario Sorrenti had already made a lot of talk about it. Similarly Kate Moss said she was “nostalgic” for this time. This return to basics is therefore an excellent omen for the brand as well as for the model or consumers. To regain its legendary beauty, even 20 years later, is a real pleasure!

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