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Nina Rose by Nina Ricci, the scent of gluttony


Nina Rose by Nina Ricci, the scent of gluttony
Nina Rose by Nina Ricci, the scent of gluttony

Nina Rose by Nina Ricci, an advertisement all dressed in pink!

Nina is one of Nina Ricci’s greatest heroines . For many years, she has portrayed us the portrait of a romantic and bubbly woman who never ceases to reveal herself fully in new adventures. Once again, in 2020, a new chapter in its history is being written. Nina Ricci gives birth to Nina Rose, a new little apple to eat, releasing in its wake an infinitely greedy breath. Obviously, as usual, Nina Rose is already accompanied by an advertisement. So, how about following us in his playful universe, synonymous with joy and freedom?

Nina Rose, a perfume where the muse is none other than her own bottle

Nina Rose was preceded by the perfume Nina Rouge, which was embodied on the screen by Estella Boersma, the muse of Nina Ricci. So, we expected to see the pretty young lady in the commercial for Nina Rose. However, here, Nina Ricci’s pink bottle is sufficient on its own. With this perfume, there is no need for a world-famous model or actress to set the scene. Nina Ricci opts for an advertising spot of barely fifteen seconds, in which the real star is none other than her own bottle.

The sparkling campaign for Nina Rose by Nina Ricci

Like the previous Nina Rouge, Nina Rose is staged on the playful track “Comic Strip” by Serge Gainsbourg. Recognizable among all thanks to its many onomatopoeias, it immediately makes you want to have fun, no matter what. Thus, the stage is immediately set. Nina Rose is a perfume that encourages us to see life in pink and which gives us the most beautiful portrait of a woman: that of natural beauty enhanced by a broad smile. It all starts with a pink square on which appears the name of Nina Ricci. Then, the bottle of Nina Rose immediately comes into play. He spins around and wraps a pink ribbon with Nina’s name around his neck. All the details of Nina Rose’s bottle are filmed here up close, whether it is its small leaves or the ball used as a cap. Besides, it escapes and rolls on the ground. Finally, the advertisement for Nina Rose ends with a vision of this bottle in the company of her sidekick Nina Rouge. Thus, Nina Ricci kills two birds with one stone and gives pride of place to another of her latest fragrances.

Nina Rose, a gourmet fragrance

As a reminder, Nina Rose owes its existence to the talented perfumer Olivier Cresp. On a purely olfactory level, it is a true concentrate of optimism and gluttony. Very refreshing at first, Nina Rose contains bergamot and pear. His heart, for its part, lights up with orange blossom and neroli. This eau de toilette ends with a deeper base of cedarwood, while a sensual touch of white musk still floats in the air.

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