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Nina Ricci Luna’s Monsters, new fragrance


Nina Ricci Luna's Monsters, niche fragrance
Nina Ricci Luna’s Monsters, niche fragrance

The Monsters of Luna, the new enchanting creature of Nina Ricci

Nina is a perfume known all over the world and similar to a heroine straight out of a fairy tale. As if to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the brand Nina Ricci decided to give it a little sister. This is how Luna made her appearance in 2016. If Nina was a sensual, bubbly and luminous young woman, Luna on the other hand is more mysterious, instinctive and determined. Today, Nina Ricci promises once again to enchant fans of this fragrance. Luna morphs into a limited edition called The Monsters of Luna . Now is the time for extravagance!

Les Monstres de Luna bewitches us with its floral, fruity and gourmet scent

Luna is a floral and sweet fragrance that was designed by Christophe Raynaud and Marie Salamagne in 2016. Thus, it is once again to them that the house of Nina Ricci turned to make the limited edition Les Monstres de Luna. Together, they have chosen to develop a daring, intense and mysterious essence, both feminine while remaining very delicious. So it’s all a question of balance.

Les Monstres de Luna embodies the image of a woman who assumes full responsibility but who has retained a part of childlike innocence in her. Les Monstres de Luna takes off on a particularly fresh and fruity start. Lime combines its liveliness with the exoticism of pineapple. Then, Les Monstres de Luna gradually gains in sensuality and romanticism. Her heart looks like a huge bouquet of flowers. Gluttony then appears in turn at its base. We find there the emblematic note of caramel of Luna. You will understand, this composition is very smooth and The Monsters of Luna is not an evil creature.

The extravagant visual of the Monsters of Luna perfume

To perfect the bottle of these limited editions Les Monstres by Nina Ricci, Nina Ricci called on two talented Brazilian designers: Ana Strumpf and Guto Requena. Ana Strumpf is already known to Nina Ricci since it was she who made the 2017 Christmas bottle of Nina and Luna. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve probably seen his creations before. The young artist is famous for her extravagant reinterpretations of magazine covers. With her, gloom is never in order. Ana Strumpf has a knack for seeing life in pink and for incorporating color into each of her works. Guto Requena, meanwhile, is a new generation architect and designer. He brings a vision of the modern world to everything he touches and does not hesitate to draw inspiration from urban culture. Here, they chose to metamorphose Luna’s blue apple into a round, eccentric “monster” face. Two big eyes have been placed on her front face and Monsters of Luna doesn’t seem to have a light hand on the makeup! Its bottle comes in a bluish gradient. Finally, the golden stem of Luna’s apple is this time connected to a huge turquoise pompom.

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