New Wonderlust Sensual Essence fragrance


New Wonderlust Sensual Essence fragrance
New Wonderlust Sensual Essence fragrance

Michael Kors’ new femme fatale Wonderlust Sensual Essence

In 2016, Michael Kors‘ Wonderlust perfume had caused a lot of talk for its scent that was both luxurious and insanely sensual. To make this perfume, the designer was inspired by the theme of travel, escape and thirst for life. The result was then an essence sewn for a sensual and chic woman, evolving in a luxurious universe without ever forgetting her spontaneity. Well, it looks like Michael Kors has once again decided to put femininity back in the spotlight in a brand new take on his already cult fragrance. Michael Kors has just announced the release of a sequel to the iconic Wonderlust . Focus on the all new Wonderlust Sensual Essence.

The new luxurious interpretation of Wonderlust

Wonderlust Sensual Essence is a fragrance that has been able to renew itself while retaining the DNA of its predecessor. Thus, this resemblance appears from the vision of his bottle. The two Michael Kors perfumes have retained the same silhouette. Their design is particularly neat and every detail has been studied with attention. Wonderlust Sensual Essence exudes a sensation of unprecedented refinement. It plays on multiple contrasts, playing with the solar aspect while retaining a certain freshness, and appearing relaxed and summery, while retaining an unparalleled sense of luxury. Today, Wonderlust Sensual Essence dares a pretty fuchsia pink color more radiant than before. It evolves in a gradient towards a more solar summit echoing its imposing cabochon. The whole sticks perfectly to the image of this new juice. Wonderlust Sensual Essence is the scent of an adventurous woman. It “evokes the excitement of a new adventure”. As its creator, Michael Kors explains, “Wonderlust Sensual Essence embodies an endless desire for adventure, romance and discovery. It was designed for a curious and passionate woman who believes in herself and follows her heart ”.

The creamy and warm composition of Wonderlust Sensual Essence

But then, how does this translate on the side of his recipe? Wonderlust was a warm, creamy scent that combined a scent of heliotrope and almond. Wonderlust Sensual Essence , on the other hand, is meant to be fresher and more fruity. It begins with a blend of black cherry and nashi pear. The peony, for its part, brings here an intense femininity. Nevertheless, the woman Michael Kors never lacks temperament and her strong character is displayed in the presence of pink pepper, true signature of the house. Then, the heart of Wonderlust Sensual Essence is more solar and luminous than ever. It combines jasmine and orange blossom. Finally, it gradually coats itself in softness. Wonderlust Sensual Essence ends with a smooth trio of amber, cashmere and suede.

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