New Terracotta Sun Trio


New Terracotta Sun Trio
New Terracotta Sun Trio

A healthy glow in relief thanks to the Terracotta Sun Trio by Guerlain

Inspired by the red earth of the Moroccan desert, Guerlain‘s Terracotta made its appearance in the middle of the 1980s. It was the first time that this product was offered to women and that they had the possibility of applying a kind of blush all over the face, without any effect of thickness and without leaving traces. The success was immediate and that is how, 30 years later, Guerlain continues to reinvent this flagship product. Focus on the new Terracotta Sun Trio.

Successful contouring thanks to Guerlain

Terracotta Sun Trio is a very different product from classic Terracotta. Indeed, if it is usually a large palette of one color, it now assembles three different shades. In this way, the latter combine as if to give more relief to the face. First, you just have to apply the lower shade (the widest) on the rounded parts of your face by drawing a “3” on each side of it, starting from the forehead towards your chin and going through your cheekbones. This will warm up your face. Then shade some areas with the darker powder. Apply it especially under the cheekbones, on the side of your forehead and on the wings of your nose. Finally, illuminate a few areas with the lighter powder. Apply it to your temples, below the outer corner of your eye, and to the T-zone of your face.

The many advantages of the Terracotta Sun Trio

What is more, note that the Terracotta Sun Trio alone contains all of Guerlain’s skincare know-how. Thus, each of its powders is enriched with moisturizing active ingredients. As a result, the Terracotta Sun Trio does not dry out the skin and ensures you a feeling of comfort all day long. Likewise, its ultra fine texture is ideally designed to respect the relief of your face and ensure a very natural look.

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