New Sisley lipstick: Le Phyto Rouge


New Sisley lipstick: Le Phyto Rouge
New Sisley lipstick: Le Phyto Rouge

Sisley’s Phyto Rouge to make your smile more dazzling

Sisley is one of the most popular beauty brands on the planet today. Indeed, both specialized in the world of make-up as in that of skincare, she does not hesitate to combine these two skills to design exceptional products. So Sisley doesn’t just make simple make-up items . The brand goes further and incorporates natural active ingredients in each of its make-up that help to take care of your beauty over the long term. Today, Sisley is reclaiming one of the stars of female makeup: lipstick. Focus on the many benefits contained in the formula of its Phyto Rouge.

Le Phyto Rouge, for satiny and luminous lips

The Phyto Sisley Red comes in a small luxurious and infinitely creative tube. With a zebra and gold wall, it does not go unnoticed and is particularly glamorous. Its lead, for its part, is finely sculpted, so as to facilitate its application. Inside, this magnetic tube contains a lipstick with a new generation gel texture.

Thus, Sisley’s Phyto Rouge instantly merges with your lips and provides an incomparable feeling of comfort. Its texture contains pure and gelled pigments whose color is particularly explosive. In total, Sisley’s Phyto Rouge comes in 20 vibrant shades, ranging from very natural colors to other much more explosive tones.

There is something for all tastes and all desires! What’s more, the coverage of Phyto Rouge is flexible to suit your wishes. A single pass makes it possible to maintain a certain transparency while repeated passes make it possible to completely opacify the product. All that remains on your skin is a satin and particularly luminous finish.

The Phyto Rouge, a treatment in its own right

In addition to this purely aesthetic aspect, know that Sisley’s Phyto Rouge is also a treatment in its own right. It is a perfect combination of colors and sensoriality. Thus, it does not just deposit a sublime color on your lips. It also takes care of your smile continuously.

Its melting formula envelops your mouth with a protective film. Phyto Rouge is a kind of hydrating infusion enriched with many natural active ingredients. In this case, it contains a Hydrobooster complex which immediately plows your skin with water and which permanently maintains hydration in the heart of your cells. It helps to smooth your skin and make it more beautiful. Phyto Rouge, through its contribution of camellia oil and jojoba oil, intensely nourishes your mouth and strengthens its flexibility.

Immediately, a veil of softness is deposited on your smile. Finally, extract of Padina pavonica contributes to its hydration. Combined together, these assets only amplify your femininity. Once you have tested this product, you will not be able to do without it!

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