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New Sensual Eau de Parfum Aura Mugler


New Sensual Eau de Parfum Aura Mugler
New Sensual Eau de Parfum Aura Mugler

Aura Sensuelle, the new futuristic fragrance from Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler is a designer who likes to think outside the box to always surprise his audience. Thus, in 2017, inspired by the film Avatar by James Cameron, he presented us with a perfume called Aura, with a particularly futuristic look. In the advertising spot of the sign, he had chosen to stage Zhenya Katava, a Belarusian model, playing for the occasion an extraordinary creature, evolving in the semi-darkness of a dense forest. In this year 2019, Thierry Mugler has decided to tell us about a new adventure of his creature. This time, the emphasis is on seduction. The Aura perfume becomes more carnal than ever and is now called Aura Sensuelle.

When authenticity and seduction become one

Aura Mugler Sensual Advertising
Aura Mugler Sensual Advertising

The Aura Sensuelle fragrance revolves around a paradox. On the one hand, it follows the same lineage as its predecessor. In this sense, it is very focused on nature and authenticity. It encourages the woman who wears it to follow its desires, without worrying about the dogmas and prejudices of our time. Aura Sensuelle does not play in the superficial but much prefers nature. However, at the dawn of this new femininity, lighter and free, he does not forget its very seductive aspect. As its name suggests, with it, everything is sensuality. This game of contrast is an experience in itself. Aura Sensuelle intends to reveal a new facet of the personality of the wild woman in you!

Thierry Mugler dresses his bottle in an iridescent pink color

Aura Sensuelle is presented to us in a beautiful bottle, very inspired by that of its predecessor. It must be said that this bottle has nothing in common, and that it is the result of exceptional glasswork! Aura Sensuelle is presented to us in a bottle forming a glass heart with many facets. Formerly tinged with a captivating emerald green, it is now more nuanced, covering itself with a pearly pink veil, which gives it a more iridescent side. The whole is set with a metal M, Mugler’s signature, like a protective ring that preserves the precious elixir contained in this enigmatic bottle …

Aura Sensuelle, a breeze of freshness blows over the dense forest by Thierry Mugler

So now let’s discover the scent of this new perfume… Aura Sensuelle still has a very vegetal side, already present in the first version of Aura. Its top notes plunge us into the freshness of a lush forest, an airy and green aspect, very appreciable on hot summer days. This incisive and energizing start is dominated by the presence of vines. Then, the heart of Aura Sensuelle becomes more contrasted. Her femininity is highlighted by the romantic presence of white flowers, and in particular gardenia. Nevertheless, an incandescent heat resurfaces here, by the addition of spices. Cinnamon is very present here and quickly softened by a more milky sandalwood. For a more animal aspect, Aura Sensuelle ends with a musk base.

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