New Guerlain 5 Colors palettes


New Guerlain 5 Colors palettes
New Guerlain 5 Colors palettes

Enhance your eyes with the Guerlain 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette

Eye shadow is one of the hottest makeup looks around today. Thus, it is made of all the colors, sometimes pearly, matt or even metallic. What’s more, buying your eye shadow in the form of a palette can be particularly advantageous, if only for its price. In addition, it allows you to open up to new horizons by trying colors that you would not necessarily have thought of. Finally, the creators take care to create real assortments avoiding errors of taste and combining perfectly with each other. Guerlain has therefore created its 5 Colors Palette, grouping together five shades of eye shadow.

The different colors contained in the Guerlain Palettes

For even more choice, Guerlain has not developed just one but six 5-Color Palettes. These are available in different colors to match all types of looks, all desires and all looks. The first of them comes in shades of pearly purple and pink. She is called as such Rose Barbare. The second, Tonka Impérial, is rather turned towards beige and chocolate colors, what to marry wonderfully with blue or green eyes. Guerlain’s Coque d’Or palette, on the other hand, is similar to a golden glitter. It is then wonderfully adorned with summer days as well as social evenings. On the other hand, L’Heure de Nuit is intended to be darker. It is designed in an assembly of gray making your gaze more intense. In the same line, After L’Ondée brings together several shades of blue. Finally, Bois des Indes turns out to be more discreet and comes in different shades of pink. Each 5 Colors Palette is then delivered with an assortment of two brushes. One of them has a double tip and allows a melted application or a single line High precision, at your convenience. The mousse brush, on the other hand, provides particularly pigmented coverage.

Applying the shadows contained in the 5 Color Palettes

Each Palette 5 Colorsallows you to create custom looks to adapt according to your desires. It offers Guerlain consumers a perfect harmony avoiding any lack of taste. You are then free to choose whether you would rather opt for a gradient or for a simple play of light and shadow. Each 5 Colors Palette consists of a base. This unites the top of the eye and immediately illuminates the eyes. Two light tones, on the other hand, are used to create a light and natural gradient. Finally, two darker colors serve to create depth in the gaze, accentuating the natural shade of it. These will prove to be particularly useful if you want to create a smooky-eyes. In addition, note that these powders have a different texture each time, sometimes matte, satin or metallic depending on the color. Each of them is enriched with light reflecting pigments, which creates a glowing and vibrant look.

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