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New from Dior: Capture Youth Plump Filler Serum


Plump Filler Capture Youth Serum
Plump Filler Capture Youth Serum

Plump your face with Dior Plump Filler Capture Youth Serum

The Capture Youth skincare line offers a unique cosmetological experience and is the result of considerable scientific breakthroughs. This new treatment protocol comes to the aid of skin weakened by time. Indeed, with age, our skin tends to resist aggressions such as stress or pollution less well. It is therefore damaged more easily and the first signs of old age begin to appear. The care Dior Capture Youth come to his rescue. This unique protocol consists of an antioxidant cream to be combined with a serum that meets the specific needs of each skin. The Plump Filler Serum is one of them and is aimed at faces that tend to lose their elasticity.

The Plump Filler Capture Youth Serum, essential protection

The Plump Filler Serum is a hydration concentrate. Its goal is to give you a smoother, more curvy and plump face. Indeed, over time, the face tends to widen. The Capture Youth Plump Filler Serum fills the skin surface. At the same time, it helps the skin to protect itself against an increasingly aggressive environment. It makes it more resistant to drought, pollution, UV rays or temperature changes. Hyaluronic acid molecules are used to hydrate your skin deeply. Iris acts as an antioxidant. Overall, the Plump Filler Capture Youth Serum is composed of 87% of ingredients of natural origin. It is therefore very respectful of your skin.

The different ways to apply Dior Plump Filler Serum

Dior Plump Filler Serum can be applied directly to certain targeted areas of your face. Then all you need to do is cover your entire skin with a dab of Capture Youth antioxidant cream. However, you can also mix two to three drops of the Plump Filler Serum directly into your dab of cream, in the palm of your hand and apply the already homogenized formula to your skin.

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