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New fragrance This Is Him! No Rules Zadig & Voltaire


New fragrance This Is Him!  No Rules Zadig & Voltaire
New fragrance This Is Him! No Rules Zadig & Voltaire

This Is Him! No Rules, Zadig & Voltaire’s new uninhibited gentleman

This Is Him by Zadig & Voltaire is a perfume perfectly anchored in the zeitgeist and aimed at a young generation of rebellious but elegant men. Incarnated on the screen by Sam Lammar since 2016, This Is Him has in him a part of nonchalance and a sensuality that shatters the hearts of women. Even today, it seems that Zadig & Voltaire has decided to wreak havoc. The brand has just announced the release of a new variation of its fragrance. The newcomer is called This Is Him! No Rules and no longer hesitates to proudly wear a military fatigues as a bottle.

This Is Him! No Rules is gaining freshness

Let’s start by telling you about the smell of this new perfume. With This Is Him! No Rules, Zadig & Voltaire takes us on a new olfactory adventure, described by the brand as “fresher and more elegant”, intended for a gentleman rock.

This Is Him! No Rules starts off with an overdose of grapefruit, which gives it a very sparkling side. This citrus is further amplified by the presence of lemon, while being counterbalanced by a more warm and fiery black pepper. Then, This Is Him! No Rules is oriented towards an aromatic heart based on geranium and lavender. A spicy vanilla warms it all up, so much so that the incense leaves a part of mystery hovering here. This Is Him! No Rules finally ends with a creamy and milky sandalwood signature, whose virility is reinforced by cedar.

The new military style of This Is Him! No Rules

On the aesthetic side, This Is Him! No Rules by Zadig & Voltaire adopts the same codes as its predecessor. Thus, its bottle preserves its initial shape. It is a thick, sturdy glass cube with a fairly clean appearance. However, This Is Him! No Rules hides some surprising subtle details. Three of its faces are perfectly smooth while the fourth is rougher, like hewn out of rock. Could this be a way for Zadig & Voltaire to embody the part of the rebellion of the This Is Him man! No Rules?

Formerly completely black and opaque, this bottle is now transparent, opting for a water green shade decorated with a military trellis. To achieve this new design, Zadig & Voltaire called on the French school of artistic direction and interior architecture: the Penninghen school. The effect could not be more successful! The new bottle of This Is Him! No Rules is infinitely trendy, while having a universal reach thanks to its new military outfit. More than ever, This Is Him! No Rules is the embodiment of a man who will stop at nothing, who possesses a natural strength and courage within him.

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