New fragrance Nocturnes by Caron


New fragrance Nocturnes by Caron
New fragrance Nocturnes by Caron

Caron’s Nocturnes, a chiaroscuro game to an air by Chopin

Maison Caron is one of the most beautiful brands in our French heritage. For her, despite advances in chemistry, perfume remains above all a creative product synonymous with luxury, exception and creativity. Through perfumery , Caron wants above all to make women dream. The perfumes offered by the brand are rather authentic and voluptuous. They each share with us a part of the history of this great house, and are often borrowed from elegance and poetry. In perfect harmony with this philosophy, the Nocturnes perfume offers us a fascinating chiaroscuro play while evoking the name of Chopin’s famous arias.

The poetry of Caron’s Nocturnes perfume

Nocturnes is a concentrate of tradition, similar to a luminous and floral symphony. More than ever, Nocturnes places perfumery at the level of an art in its own right. It is a compendium of magic and poetry. It evokes in a simple breath a fascinating image. We have before us a painting that takes place at dusk, while musical notes played by Chopin fly away in the depth of the evening. Imagine yourself: night has fallen in Paris, but the atmosphere is still strewn with waves and smells. Nothing counts except the part of dream that this essence gives us. Like Chopin’s compositions, Caron’s Nocturnes is an elusive work, a true night owl and mystery. He discovers himself with emotion, and has in him all the poetry of a starry night.

The intoxicating and romantic scent of Caron’s Nocturnes

Nocturnes is a particularly enveloping fragranceand intoxicating. It contains an infinity of flowers whose scent is developed under their most powerful and narcotic aspect. Thus, the scent of Nocturnes revolves around stephanotis, a very powerful variety of jasmine from Madagascar. For more exoticism and lightness, it is accompanied here by tuberose and ylang-ylang. The rose, the undisputed star of feminine perfumery, reinforces the poetry and tenderness of its recipe. Orange blossom also illuminates all of its solar and Mediterranean scent. Some aldehydes punctuate the whole with a more sustained freshness. Orange also gives more pep’s to the Nocturnes scent. The whole is then enveloped in a more syrupy vanilla, while the castoreum only amplifies its sensuality. Finally, a woody accord takes over and completes this composition with a more racy breath of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. Caron’s Nocturnes is presented to us in a bottle in the shape of a half sphere. Indeed, Caron has exchanged his original bottle for a bottle common to a whole collection of great classics. All in sobriety, it reveals to us the limpid color of its juice through completely transparent walls. Only an opaque black cabochon overcomes the whole.

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