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New collector perfume Mon Paris Dazzling Lights YSL


New collector perfume Mon Paris Dazzling Lights YSL
New collector perfume Mon Paris Dazzling Lights YSL

My Paris Dazzling Lights Collector YSL, when the City of Lights transforms into a sparkling fragrance

It was in 2016 that the Yves Saint-Laurent house decided to open a new chapter in its feminine history by making the Mon Paris perfume . The latest of Yves Saint-Laurent olfactory creations, this juice has already won over women around the world, far beyond the borders of the capital. What’s more, if Black Opium, another great classic from Yves Saint-Laurent, was aimed at 15-25 year olds, Mon Paris, meanwhile, targets a much wider range of women. He is the very embodiment of today’s Parisian, elegant, free and passionate at the same time. Containing all the love of the designer Yves Saint-Laurent for Paris, this essence gives us a new facet today. Focus on Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector.

My Paris, seen through the eye of Yves Saint-Laurent

Forget the Paris to which we attribute the grayness and gloom. This is absolutely not the way she perceived the designer Yves Saint-Laurent. He made our capital his greatest source of inspiration. He was convinced that this was one of the most spectacular and rewarding cities in the world. Yves Saint-Laurent spent most of his time in Paris, and capturing the lively and daring spirit of this capital in many creations. It is therefore to pay tribute to its professional and personal history that the brand has decided to make a perfume called Mon Paris. This juice gives us all the ardor of budding feelings of love, at the feet of a sparkling Eiffel Tower. Don’t we say that Paris is the city of love? It is precisely this surge of spontaneity and freedom that we find in the new Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector.

The chypre and fruity breath of the perfume Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector

My Paris Dazzling Lights Collector is a creation that we owe to perfumers Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Fremont. Its dizzying trail speaks to us of an intense and radiant love. The sweetness of her feelings shines through in a fruity and almost gourmet association. Strawberry and raspberry are enhanced with a juicy and crunchy pear. Citrus fruits reinforce the freshness of this fragrance. Then, the heart of Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector continues with a more floral blend. Her femininity and romanticism shine through in a blend of peony, orange blossom, datura and jasmine. Finally, it ends with a more syrupy and woody base, further enhanced by the animal presence of musk.

Mon Paris Dazzling Lights Collector, a perfume with a radiant bottle

However, it should be noted that the real novelty of this perfume lies rather in its bottle. Still inspired by the visual of the 1983 Paris perfume, it has a faceted silhouette like a precious stone. This jewel delivers to us in its transparency the color of a very feminine pink juice. A black silk tie is tied at its collar. Finally, My Paris Dazzling Lights Collector is also decorated with a shower of sparkling sequins that shine like stars in the eyes of a young woman in love.

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