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New ClarinsMen Hydra Sculpt treatment


New ClarinsMen Hydra Sculpt treatment
New ClarinsMen Hydra Sculpt treatment

Hydra Sculpt Clarinsmen, a hydration concentrate to restructure your face

The Clarins house is renowned the world over for its expertise in cosmetology. What is more, it is more specifically recognized in anti-aging treatment. However, men’s skin and women’s skin are very different. Clarins cannot therefore provide the same answers to their specific needs. It is therefore specifically for male skin that the Clarinsmen range has been developed. The Hydra Sculpt treatment brings optimal hydration to the face and helps the skin to remain supple and toned. Thus, Hydra Sculpt is the ideal product to restructure your face.

The specific needs of men’s skin

Men’s skin is very different from that of women. First of all, it is thicker, firmer and more elastic. It also includes more cell layers and is richer in collagen. Therefore, it is more resistant to face external aggressions such as stress, pollution or UV rays. Likewise, the sebaceous glands are more numerous there and the secretions of sebum are therefore stronger in men. As a result, skin aging appears later in males than on the skin of women. On the other hand, once it settles down, it draws deeper marks on men’s faces. As a result, the oval of the face tends to break down and the skin becomes more sagging.

Clarins Men Hydra Sculpt, a hydrating and redefining treatment

The main objective of Clarinsmen’s Hydra Sculpt treatment is to visibly define the contour of the face. It adapts to all skin types and its cream-gel formula is very pleasant to apply. Its innovative dual technology brings together many plant extracts that are among the most effective. The Hydra Sculpt treatment is exceptionally effective. Its bottle actually contains two different bottles.

Each of them has an independent pump. Mixing of the two formulas contained in Hydra Sculpt is only done at the time of application. Thus, you can be sure of always obtaining the perfect dosage and the right concentration of each product for optimal efficiency. One of the two treatments is used to hydrate the skin and make it lasting smoother and more beautiful. The other, on the other hand, has an immediate tightening effect. At the same time, Clarinsmen’s Hydra Sculpt also contains an antipollution complex and an energizing and soothing complex.

From then on, your skin no longer suffers from the urban environment and immediately seems more comfortable. It is no longer suffocated and thus retains all its brilliance and radiance. 84% of men who tested this product believe that the texture of their skin has improved significantly after four weeks of use. 88% of them emphasize the toning of their skin. 90% also believe that their skin is better hydrated immediately after applying Hydra Sculpt.

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